39 + 40

I’m popping in from my maternity leave for just a minute to share my two final weekly maternity pictures. I figured I’d better post them before my 40th week was up (which is tomorrow).

This first week home with Buck has been so fun. Yes, we’re all a little sleep deprived, and Peanut has had a few moments of unhappiness and jealousy, but when I think about how these two sweet angel babies are mine, none of that matters and I feel like the luckiest mama in the world.

Ok, as you were… 🙂

  • Oh he is so, so precious! Congratulations Merrick!

  • Amy

    What a sweet little boy!
    I can't believe you had a baby a week ago! You look amazing!

  • How precious and beautiful! Congratulations! =)
    Alesha <3

  • Adorable. Both of you. And you look amazing. So, so happy for your sweet family!

  • You look beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  • What a cute little babe, and you look great!

  • Ummmm you look amazing! Cute baby boy too.

  • Love the last picture! How cute he is ^^

  • Beautiful! I've loved following your pregnancy with all of these photos! You look amazing!

  • Congratulations, what a beauty!

  • aaaaaaahhhhHHH I LOVE how both of these last two shots are of you and your punkin 🙂
    He. is. precious.
    And you are glowing.

  • congratulations on your new little treasure!

  • Amazing how you look like your old self again. You look lovely and love the pictures with you little pumpkin pie!

  • Omg … Congrats again! You both look great!

  • Oh. I die. This is so beautiful. Now go squish a baby and take a nap.


  • I don't think I've EVER seen as georgeous belly as yours. Wauw!
    Congratz on your beauty! 😀

  • Congrats ob your new addition. You look awesome!

  • Buck is beautiful. You look incredible like better than I do with no baby!


  • Congratulations! So precious

    xo Emily

  • Jen

    You look great already! Love the photo idea! I will have to do that next time!

  • That week 40 picture is definitely the cutest! Congrats, hon! Enjoy this time with your family.


  • Ohw! What a cute little boy! And I can't believe how good you look! Enjoy this special time,

  • What a cutie! I love that last picture of the bunch… so perfect. PS–You sure you even had a baby? You look fantastic!

  • Congrats, and I must say you have a rockin post pregnancy b

  • He is just precious!
    And way to drop that baby weight fast – you look great!!!

  • You are definitely one of the prettiest mommies I've seen. It amazes me how you manage to look slim even when you are preggy.

  • This is just perfect! Makes me so excited to have a little pregnant belly someday. 🙂