Crib Bumpers (Tutorial)

For the last couple of days, I’ve been working on new crib bumpers for baby #2. Since we’re re-doing the entire nursery, the old bumpers from Peanut’s early days needed new fabric; and since I made the bumpers for Peanut’s crib, it wasn’t too hard to do it again. But this time around I made a few changes that made a big difference.

I used Leanne’s crib bedding tutorial for the basic measurements, piping, and how to lay it out prior to sewing, like I did below:

[note: I used 1″ wide grosgrain ribbon as my ties, rather than making my own, just to save time and the hassle]

I only did piping across the top of the bumpers, per Leanne’s suggestion, as the sides wouldn’t be visible anyway. At the end of each side of the bumper I pulled the piping up slightly (as seen below) so that it would taper off at each end as it reached the corner.

After the piping and ties were in place, I put the fabric right sides together and sewed around three sides of the bumper with a straight stitch (leaving one of the shorts sides open):

After the three sides were sewn, I turned it right side out and put the bumper on the padding to make sure it fit snuggly. After it was perfectly snug, I trimmed the three sides and serged them (zigzagging the edge works great too).

For the fourth unfinished edge, I trimmed it down and serged it so when it was folded over, it just covered the edge of the bumper padding. On that edge that will be folded over, I added velcro so it will be easily removable and washable. I did this with Peanut’s bumpers as well, and highly recommend it.

Once it’s folded over, it will look like this:

Once the bumpers were done, I decided to hem the ties since they were fraying a little bit:

I folded them twice over and pinned them in place, then sewed a straight seam across the top of the folded edge:

So each of the bottom of the ties look like this, and the bumpers are done!

Next on my agenda is sewing the dust ruffle and a few throw pillows for around the room, and hanging pictures and paintings. The room is getting close, and a full room tour is coming soon!