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striped tee: lucky brand via sams club, necklace: c/o wild about jewelry, skirt: made by me (fabric via, shoes: payless (shop)

Over the weekend, our church congregation held a little camp out. Typically they call it the “Fathers and Sons Camp Out,” but because there are so many young couples in our area, many without children, they deemed it “Man Camp,” and invited everyone that’s a dude.

Philip came home from church a few weeks ago and told me about it, and said he would really like to go and take Peanut. Although I was a little bit weary of how well Peanut would do sleeping in a tent, I was all for it…Peanut loooves one on one time with Philip, and it was a good chance for them to have a whole day of it before another little boy joins the family and takes away some of daddy’s attention.

We talked about it for the entire week leading up to it, hyping it up, so that by the time Friday rolled around Peanut could hardly take a nap because he was so excited. It was so fun to see them pack up their bags, load up the jeep, and then hold hands as they walked to the car to head out. Despite the fact that we just transitioned Peanut out of the crib and into a real bed, and we were nervous how that would go in a sleeping bag, he did so well. And has talked about little else for the entire weekend. Including the s’mores that they ate (sans chocolate, cause whoever was in charge forgot to bring it…).

And while they were gone, I enjoyed an eerily quiet evening where I ran a bazillion errands, worked on a few house projects, and had a few girls over to sew (where I made this maxi skirt out of that polka dot fabric I bought forever ago), and then the next morning slept in past nine o’clock. Heaven.


  1. Love the skirt and love the story of Man Camp. Our ward has never done Father's and Son's and it makes my hubby sad since we have a boy who is 5 and they have never been!

  2. I love your pattern mixing! I also love this sweet story of Man Camp! Adorable!

    xo Teresa

  3. SK says:

    How fun for your boys!! And lucky for you to have a little time for yourself and your girlfriends. Love the skirt!

  4. kate says:

    the skirt is adorable!! sometimes we need time to ourselves just to get re-charged! looks like everyone had a good time!

  5. I love your pattern mixing here – it's subtle but still cute! the necklace is a nice pop of color too! xo

  6. Sounds like everyone had a great time! I don't know why but I just awwwd when I read about the two boys walking out holding hands. I can just picture it hehe!

  7. Emily says:

    So cute! I love this pattern mix. Sounds like Man Camp was awesome (and that is a pretty awesome name).


  8. WicketsMom says:

    Great post, and I LOVE the bag! Do you mind sharing the brand or where you got it? I'm going on vacation in October and that tote is right up my alley! :o)

  9. Kacie says:

    Sounds like the boys had a fun time! And you must have enjoyed a little piece and quite 🙂 You look great! Love your handmade skirt!

  10. I love your blog! I'm a fairly new reader. Can't wait to try some of your tutorials. I love the mixed prints look. 🙂

  11. I Love the pattern mixing and your sweet baby bump!

  12. "Oh, nothing. I just had a free night so I whipped up a cute little skirt from scratch. And ran a million errands." Teach me your ways, Merrick!

  13. Ash says:

    I love this look… I want to be brave enough to try it, but for now I'll live vicariously through your mixed patterns. 🙂

  14. preethi says:

    Dan and Nat are going on their first fathers & sons in a couple of weeks. Dan's dad and one of his brothers are even coming down. They are seriously so excited!

  15. WicketsMom:

    It's a Timi and Leslie diaper bag. I purchased it on amazon. It comes with a changing pad, but besides that it's just a nice big bag with lots of pockets. I've only had it for a few weeks, but I love it!

  16. The stripes and dots make for a fun combination. Nicely done!

    Cable Car Couture

  17. emandtrev says:

    So cute! The story of the father/son camp out completely warmed my heart. That and the sleeping in past 9:00 part. 🙂

    I too love the pattern mixing and would love to know where you picked up that cute bag!

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