Open To Interpretation

button up: target (altered), sweater: abercrombie (old), skirt: made by me (tutorial), sparkly flats: gift from my mom (shop)

Freckles in April OTI
Today is Open To Interpretation day with Kayla, Erica, and Amy. I love doing these challenges, but this one was seriously hard. A pencil skirt and heels is great for some days, but not so much for a day when you’re home with Peanut and his two two-year-old friends and acting as a referee, a trampoline, and a cafeteria lady.

So mostly for modesty purposes, I went with the maxi skirt, and threw on some sparkly flats for good measure.

Head on over to the other girls blogs to see how everyone else interpreted the look!

  • So cozy and cute! I need to be better at wearing skirts outside of church.

  • love this look! maxi skirts are so comfortable! i wish it wasn't freezing cold here so I could wear mine!

  • Love your interpretation with the bold colors! This challenge also stumped me big time and I decided to skip it.


  • I love your interpretation! I love the maxi skirt, it makes it a whole fun new look! (and the color of your sweater is amazing!)


  • Ooooo, I love it! The color of that maxi is so gorgeous and I love it paired with the brown sweater. Way to go. Everything is perfect for handling toddlers!

  • That is such an awesome maxi! I love those sparkly flats too! 🙂

  • Sparkly flats are like chocolate of the clothing world. They always make you smile and feel amazing, even if you are chasing around toddlers all day (or slaving away to the man in my case). Your mom should seriously be a professional buyer.

    North Meets South

  • That skirt is so fun!

  • Thank you for posting a picture of your shoes! I always wonder what shoes people wear with maxi skirts/dresses in the winter.

    Also, I noticed that you altered your button-down shirt. Do you have a tutorial for that? I have a button-down that I'm looking to alter.

    Love your tutorials! Your maxi skirt is on my list of things to make and I just "refashioned" a pair of pants the other day. 🙂


  • Gorgeous, as always.

    Freckles in April

  • That maxi skirt is so gorgeous! What an amazing color!

    See Me Rwar