Copper Sky

After six weeks of constant painting, day and night, for the Spark Commission, I was totally burned out. In fact, I had no desire to even pick up a paint brush for weeks. Yesterday, it had finally been a few weeks too long since I’d painted and I was starting to get the itch.

I pulled out all my stuff while Peanut was sleeping and did a quick 90 minute painting. It’s not my best painting ever, but I’m glad to see that I didn’t totally lose all my abilities after almost two months of no painting. I wish the colors came out better in this photo– the purples and oranges are quite a bit brighter — but overall I’m happy with this painting. A little glaze after it dries and it will be done.

“Copper Sky” – Oil on Panel, 90 min painting, 9.26.11

Happy Tuesday!

  • I LOVE it when you post about your paintings!

  • 90 minutes? DANG! It looks fabulous!

  • Just at a quick glance, this looks like it could be a painting of my great-grandparents' ranch in Wyoming. (Sadly, the ranch is owned by a large conglomeration now.) I love the painting, and am liking the muted look of the photograph.

  • This is beautiful Mer!! I can't believe you can pump art out at this caliber so quickly! Love it.

  • ugh. SO beautiful.
    i'm thinking a commission needs to happen soon.

  • Beautiful!! WOW!!!!!