A major cold has hit our house this week. It started with Peanut (we thought it might be teething since he’s currently cutting 3 molars), but then it hit me, and now poor Philip has been subjected. We’re all congested, coughing, and exhausted.

For the past week our living room has been strewn with books as I sit on the couch and Peanut brings me one after the other, asking to be read to. I love that he suddenly has a seriously love for reading (and the patience to sit through many books in a row), but I’m so sick of Dr. Suess, Eric Carl and Sandra Boynton, I could gouge my eyes out. We have read them each roughly five million times.

We went to the library and picked up about ten new books, but he refuses to look at most of them, despite the fact that one of them is one of the most hilarious childrens book I’ve ever read. Why he dislikes that one, I don’t know. Instead we read Hop on Pop for the zillionth time.

Hopefully the weekend will cure us of our ailments and we’ll be back in business (and back to blogging) by Monday.

Hope you have a happy (and healthy) weekend.

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  1. heidikins says:

    Oh goodness, I'm so sorry! I'm sure you've already read, and loved this one, but If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is one of my all-time favorites. Also, the Skippy Jon Jones series, but they may be a little old for Peanut.

    Hope you are all feeling better soon!


  2. I wish I was there to come take little peanut for you!! Both parents being sick with no help is the worst!!

  3. Packrat says:

    Please, all, get well soon. As to reading the same books over and over – unfortunately that is normal. Thirty years from now you will look back on these same books with fond memories and want to read them to your very uninterested grandchildren. lol

  4. hope you all feel better soon 🙂 Your work is breathtaking by the way! How nice of you do do a special for everyone 🙂

  5. Brit says:

    Oh Mer this sounds AWFUL!! What can you even do when it hits the whole family this way? Just wait and hope it doesn't cycle again? Yuck!! I hope you feel so much better soon!!

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