Polo Refashion

A few months ago Philip and I weeded through our closets and made a big pile of stuff to donate to Goodwill. After the pile was made, I went through and took out anything I thought I could refashion. One of them was an old Abercrombie polo that Philip no longer liked. I’d seen a few polo refashions floating around on Pinterest, and although none of them had struck my fancy, I was sure I could do something awesome with this shirt.

Then the other day I saw this photo and fell in love. Out came the fabric box and there was that old gray polo, ready and waiting to be loved.

I turned it backward, cut out the collar (leaving the buttons so that it has a button-up back), took in the sleeves, and gave it a little hem.

It’s the perfect comfy casual top that can be dressed up for date night or dressed down for playgroup. I’m in love.


I’ve received a lot of emails from you guys, asking for a photo of the back of the shirt. And since I am nothing but obliging, here are two photos of the back:

UPDATE: Full step-by-step tutorial here.


  1. I remember that shirt! πŸ™‚ It turned out so cute! I've been meaning to tell you that I got some skinny jeans. I thought you'd be proud me of.

  2. Grace Marie says:

    oh wow. I love it!

    I've done this with a few of Simon's shirts but it doesn't hang so perfectly..bravo!!!

  3. Morgan says:

    OH MY GOSH! You are so talented it kills me. Great job! It makes me want to be brave with my sewing machine-maybe it's not just for sewing new throw pillow covers…

  4. Brit says:

    I'M IN LOVE TOO!! This definitely makes me want to steal things from Michael's closet – what a great idea!! And you look beautiful

  5. geeeeeniuuuus! very well done–love the outfit πŸ™‚

  6. Chelsea says:

    You've almost got the before and after thing down. You need to take off the make-up and mess up the hair a bit before it's really effective!! Very cute shirt! You did a great job!

  7. Olivia says:

    You and turning things backwards! Who would have thought they would look ok. It turned out great! I'm impressed.

  8. kaila sue says:

    I LOVE it! I am so impressed with your sewing skills!

  9. Cool Rider says:

    What a great idea – going to have a good look in the wardrobe – thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Kristina says:

    That looks great! I have to add it to my list of things to find at a thrift store to remake. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Amy says:

    that is a perfect shirt! where did you get your skinny jeans? they are also perfect!

  12. Deedra says:

    I would love to see the back of the shirt.

  13. Christi Lynn says:

    i saw this on pinterest and i am definitely going to try it!!

  14. I found you on pinterest… Love this! I would also love some more detailed instructions! My hubby has several of those exact shirts he was about to DI…thank goodness I saw this post first!

  15. Jenna says:

    I LOVE THIS. found it via someone else's blog! thanks for sharing.. you should do a "how to" on your amazing idea


  16. what a fabulous refashion! im just going to take a peek into the husband's wardrobe to see if there is anything awesome to steal!:)

    xx, zhing

  17. WobiSobi says:

    Love this Idea.. Awesome!!!

  18. Really adorable refashion – it looks fantastic!

  19. Alison says:

    This is great! I found a polo at our own garage sale today and nabbed it. πŸ˜‰ Did you finish the neckline or just leave it raw?

  20. Melissa says:

    Love this! I might have to give this a go on an old Polo of my husband's!

  21. amy says:

    Stop it! Brilliant!!!

  22. Alyson says:

    love!! found you through pinterest. great blog.

  23. Jill says:

    I found you on pinterest too:) Did you know you'd get so much traffic from one little refashion?! Are you planning to do a step by step tutorial for this shirt? I have a sewing machine but I'm not a "sewer" so I cant just figure this shirt out without a little more help… πŸ™‚ Love your blog!

  24. elnaclark says:

    Please oh please do a tutorial. We would love to see the back. Is the neck just a raw edge? I have the shirts ready to go but don't want to try until you have done a tutorial. Thanks so much!!

  25. mawi says:

    I saw this on pinterest and I absolutely love this idea!

  26. what a great idea! My daughter is going to love it!

  27. Unknown says:

    May I ask you where you got your nude-colored high heels?

  28. This may sound strange but is your maiden name Buchanan? I knew a girl by your same name when I was little. I know it's a long shot…

  29. This is so cute! I saw this on Pinterest and can't wait to try it. I do have one question though, did you take it in on the sides? It might be a difference in lighing, but it looks as though it hangs differently. (Might be the lack of the collar throwing me off.) Thanks!

  30. Extravagant Empress:

    I only took in the sleeves — not at all on the sides, only because my husband isn't THAT much bigger than me, and I wanted it to be a little bit blousy. Good luck!

  31. Bravo! Ingenious. I'm so glad I found your blog (via Pinterest)!

  32. how perfect! love this idea!
    you are too cute, girl!
    xo TJ

  33. Awesome, followed you from pinterest!!

  34. Rissie Grace says:

    How did you get rid of the collar? Did you cut it or pick it? Thanks!


  35. Luiza Fowler says:

    Fantastic! You're SO talented, I'm very inspired, clothes were a bit intimidating to sew, not any more! Thanks for all you shared πŸ™‚

  36. Allison says:

    Merrick, I was in your byu married ward oh so long ago. My friend pinned this post on her pinterest..I thought that person looked really familiar. Clicked and wow I knew you! Hope you and phillip are well.
    Allison jensen

  37. How did you take in the arms?

  38. how did you take in the arms and can you show a picture of that step?

  39. Mitzi Manzo says:

    You should do a tutorial , Pleasee (:

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  41. M. says:

    "this photo" link doesn't work anymore…

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  43. Bonnie Shadduck Butts says:

    Doesn’t look like the same shirt. The little emblem isn’t there and the seam from where the buttons were is gone.

  44. Kelly says:

    Abso looove your work and idea here! HoWever, SO many ads I couldn even get to the Tutorial. really frustrating site.

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