Itinerary for a Fun and Relaxing Stressful and Hectic Weekend Vacation
  • pack the bags in plenty of time to leave
  • get out of the house and on the road on time
  • everyone is happy and sings camp songs the whole way Peanut whines until I am forced to sit in the back next to his carseat and get my heart broken every time he reaches for me to get him out of his seat and big crocodile tears run down his cheeks
  • make great time make an emergency stop when Peanut pukes ALL over himself and spend the next hour at the gas station while Philip cleans out the car
  • at least get good weather hit insane rain and 70 mph wind, forcing Philip to drive with white knuckles on the steering wheel, his nose about 6 inches from the windshield, and the wipers going as fast as possible
  • plug our noses to avoid the horrible smell in the car
  • get to Las Vegas a little late and a lot stressed


  • wake up refreshed and rested wake up with a horrible stomach ache
  • spend the day gallivanting around Las Vegas spend the day glued to the couch, too sick to move
  • take a nap
  • eat out at the Burger Bar gag at the thought of anything but water
  • take a walk to the park and enjoy the warm weather freeze our buns off in the crazy wind and cold
  • watch White Collar while relaxing on the couch
  • Go to bed very very early


  • wake up feeling better
  • eat a delicious breakfast with the family at The Cracked Egg
  • leave Peanut at home with grandparents and go shopping at the outlet mall
  • have a fun picnic at the park to celebrate Peanut’s upcoming birthday stay inside and play as a family stay at home while the family dashes off to my little brother’s piano recital that they thought was 4 hours later
  • eat a wonderful family dinner together and celebrate Peanut’s birthday
  • eat amazing homemade chocolate molten cake
  • watch more White Collar


  • enjoy a lovely morning with the whole family wake up to find that my dad was sick all night
  • go to early church so we can get on the road early
  • enjoy the speakers exchange strange looks with Philip while an elderly man gives a 15 minute prepared and written testimony about how the world will end in 2027
  • get out the door and on the road right on time
  • make great time driving home emergency stop in St. George when Peanut throws up all over himself AGAIN
  • make great time driving the rest of the way home stop in Cedar City when Peanut poops all over himself
  • allow ourselves to calm down while Peanut sleeps for 2 hours in the car (hallelujah)
  • arrive home and kiss the Provo ground
  • check my email and tell my mom we’re home safely see an email from my mom telling me my brother is now throwing up
playing the piano with Uncle Crawford
chocolate molten cakes for Peanut’s birthday celebration
sparklers and cake
super happy about the sweet birthday glasses
opening presents, which he was actually pretty good at!
making faces in the car

Nice to see you, Mom, Dad, and Crawford….we’ll wait a while to visit again, and next time we’ll fly.



  1. Packrat says:

    Happy 1st birthday to Peanut!

    So terrible that your vacation was marred by sickness. Ugh.

  2. Janssen says:

    Wow, I am less jealous of your weekend in Vegas, suddenly. . .

  3. craftyashley says:

    Now THAT'S a vacation with kids.

  4. craftyashley says:

    …and also? Flying doesn't pan out any better. Try taxi'ing forever on the tarmac with an infant you (and the rest of the plane) know has a huge blowout creeping up his romper. There are not enough apologies you can issue to other passengers for being forced to smell that for thirty minutes.

    … and then try changing the kid in an airplane bathroom… then on the seat next to you… ducking so the flight attendant doesn't notice.

  5. Did he use his new car seat? I thought burklee would like the car with her new seat, but it didnt help. Traveling with kids is so hard! It was much nicer when they were babies.
    Sorry it wasnt the best trip 🙁
    hope everyone is feeling better!

  6. Sara says:

    I hate traveling with sick kids. Kate throws up every time we drive through the Gorge! It's awful.

  7. Emily Kate says:

    TOo bad you weren't at Burger Bar on Friday, you might have run into us! That's where we went for our date night. So sorry you were all sick though, what a bummer.

  8. We've had one Utah-California road trip with Brynlee throwing up and I wouldn't wish that on anyone! I was getting horrible flashbacks as I read your post 🙂 I hope he's better now.

  9. Marie says:

    So sorry, especially the throwing up part. Glad you made it mostly in one piece!

  10. Mary says:

    I can so relate to this post. We took the kids to Capitol Reef for Spring Break this week. The kids were fine – it was me who got sick. No fun in the middle of nowhere where the only bathrooms in sight are stinky outhouses! And then Nate caught it. I'm just waiting for the rest to catch it now – probably on Easter when we are supposed to be in charge of the family Easter dinner.
    (I can also relate because I have made long drives with little ones crying and wanting so badly to get out of their car seats! It is so stressful!)

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