One of my favorite things to talk about on the blog is up-and-coming trends. I love discovering what they are and sharing them with you, as well as teaching you how to add them to your closet and style them with the existing pieces in your closet.

But after a recent post about my favorite trends, someone over on social media asked if I’d do a post about trends we should ditch, since that’s what is currently clogging up her closet.

The thing about this question is that while it’s a great one, it’s also really hard to answer because fashion is so cyclical. We’re seeing a complete revival of the 70’s right now, and also a lot of 90’s inspired fashion is popular right now (can’t say I saw the choker trend coming back, but here we are). So while I’ll share a few of the trends that I think we should say no to forever, this obviously isn’t a guarantee that they won’t come back at some point.

  • Colored Jeans 
  • These were so popular a few years ago, but the the trend was short lived. We’re still seeing colorful trousers and shorts, which I like, but let’s just say no to a rainbow of colored jeans (I can say that because I literally owned a pair in every single color). There are still some more neutral colors sticking around, like olive, gray, and light pink and blue. 
  • You can still purchase brightly colored jeans (like these ones here), but let’s just agree to stay away from the really bright ones since it will take you right back to 2010. Take out those bright purple ones, and especially the red ones, and let’s just move on. 
  • Cap Sleeves
    • Here’s the thing about almost all cap sleeves — they are flattering on no one. The trend might come and go over the years, but you can personally stay away from it and get rid of any cap sleeve pieces in your closet. They hit at the widest part of your arm, so they make everyone’s shoulders look wider and arms look fatter. Stick to either a complete sleeveless top, or a longer short sleeve. 
  • Hi-Low Hemlines 
    • I still see a little bit of this trend here and there, but it’s not as dramatic as when it was super popular. Any skirts or dresses that you have that are knee length in the front and maxi in the back need to go. A subtle length difference is fine, but the “mullet dress” should never be revived. 
    • This is actually a great opportunity to do a little DIY project — don’t throw away the dress…just chop off the back to even out the length, then hem the entire dress. Easy peasy!
  • Super Low Rise Jeans
    • Let’s just say no to them forever, okay? If you’re closet has a pair and you’re waiting to be skinny enough to wear them without a major muffin top, don’t bother. They give even the skinniest of girls muffin tops, and they’re just a bad idea in general. Get them out of here and let’s never see them again. 
  • Bubble necklaces
    • I had my fair share of these necklaces, and although I think they’re cute, and statement necklaces are coming back in a big way right now, I don’t think these will be in the statement necklace mix. If you’re holding on to a few, you can safely say goodbye to them.  
  • Square Toed Shoes. 
    • We’re seeing all sorts of shoe trends emerging right now, but one that I’m pretty sure we should never see again (heaven help us if we do) is the square toed shoe. They’re boxy and unflattering and make your toes look like they’ve been chopped off. Stick with the classic silhouette’s when it comes to shoes — almond toe and pointed toe — since those will have longevity. 
  • Embellished Denim Pockets. 
    • You remember all the rhinestones on your back pockets, and sometimes even along the edges of the front? It’s time for them to go. 

    Can you think of any more? Or are you on the fence about something in your closet?

    Leave a comment below and tell me what it is and we can decide if it’s a trend worth ditching!



    1. Steffanie says:

      I’d really like to see jumpsuits go! I don’t think they are flattering on very many people. I’d also love to see leggings go (especially all the crazy patterned leggings out there- not cute). I doubt this is going to happen any time soon… I know women think they are so comfortable, but most people don’t look good in them the way they are worn most of the time. The leggings with thicker fabric don’t bother me AS much if paired with the right pieces, but the really thin leggings I see a million times a day are TOO TIGHT. I don’t want to see butt cracks or butt folds! I’d much rather see women wearing a skinny jean with a nice stretch to it for added comfort because it still forms a nice silhouette without being too fitted and revealing of every little bit of the legs and behind.

    2. I’ve never understood the super high-low hem thing. A little bit of a difference, sure, but the extreme…don’t get it.

    3. Christy DuBois says:

      I totally agree about cap sleeves. I’m a small person, size 0/2, but I have broad shoulders and the first time I tried on something with cap sleeves I said heck no and never tried on anything else with cap sleeves. I knew I felt this way about them but have never actually heard anyone else say the same. Also, I agree on the low low cut jeans.

    4. April says:

      I don’t disagree with some of the items listed (super low rise/muffin top makers be gone!! Same with onsies aka rompers/jumpsuits) but I disagree in theory, and I actually wrote about this topic on my own blog about a month ago. There is no one-size-fits-all fashion that is going to be universally flattering. The current boho trend and its accompanying colors look fabulous on you, because it suits you. It looks HORRIBLE on me. The colors wash me out, the silhouettes make me look dumpy and shapeless (and I’m about your size). Even worse, they make me feel awful. If it were up to me, the boho trend would be erased from fashion history, but that would be a disservice to people like you, whom it really flatters. I wear silver because gold doesn’t look good on me. I’ve been rocking a fierce pixie for about 10 years, back when pixies weren’t cool. Now they are all the rage, but I looked fabulous long before Jennifer Lawrence did it. I’ve decided I don’t care what the trend is. I will wear what flatters me and makes me feel my best until the day I die, no matter what the fashion industry says. I’m not a clone, and I have no desire to look just like everyone else. I personally have never liked the embellished pocket trend, but I know that sparks joy for some people, so they should wear it. I get compliments on my style every day, everywhere I go, because I wear what suits me. I’m sure you do as well, because you wear what suits you. I enjoy your blog, even though our styles are very different. This is a subject I feel strongly about. Written while wearing cobalt skinnies.

    5. Susan Taylor says:

      Ripped/torn jeans can go away soon. I’m just not a fan, I don’t feel they are flattering on anyone. A little distressing is fine, but complete rips and tears…no. But what do I know, I’m old lol.

    6. Blair Barrett says:

      I agree with all of these. Now, how about those thin knit chevron maxi skirts? Sure, they are comfy and all… but can we stop yet? Actually, I’m pretty much over (almost) all things chevron. Also, has anyone else noticed zig-zag being mistakenly called chevron over the past couple years? I know it’s nit-picky, but it drives me crazy!

    7. what about shrugs? I struggle with this one because they are so handy in offices during the summer, but I think it’s time to let go of them. I always feel out of date when I put one on over a work sheath. Oh! And gladiator sandals!

    8. Kimberlee says:

      Love this, all of this! I especially agree with the chevron comment below. I would like to add in the outlandish printed leggings… like the ones with the huge aztec/tribal/geometric prints. Please, go!

    9. Michelle says:

      Embellished pockets should have been gone like….10 years ago. Barf.

    10. Linda Z says:

      Well, I’m keeping my gray and aqua jeans and I actually love cap sleeves!! 🙂 I will be very happy though, if I never see another bubble necklace. I would also love to not see people wearing skin-tight, butt crack revealing yoga pants at restaurants. 😛 We are trying to eat, people!!! 🙂

    11. Aurora Nora says:

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    12. Create/Enjoy says:

      Love it! I am totally ready to say goodbye to bubble necklaces. Yikes!

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