The Best Hair Ties for Ponytails, Exercising, Buns, and Sleeping

these hair ties are life changing for ponytails and exercising!

I went on the hunt for the best hair ties that could hold my hair in place when I run, and found these amazing L. Erickson Grab and Go Ponytail Holders that work for so much more than just running! My hair doesn’t budge in them, and they don’t leave creases! 


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L. Erickson hair ties


Whenever I run my hair will always fall out of my bun and it drives me crazy.

About a year and a half ago I took up running. I’ve grown to love it and now do it three times a week (except this past month when we’ve been sick and Philip moved to Texas and we’ve been selling our house..but that’s a story for another day).

But the thing that always drove me crazy is that my top knot in my hair would never stay in place during my run.

I tried all sorts of different things, and even asked you guys for suggestions, and couldn’t get anything to consistently work.

So many of you recommended doing a high ponytail and then braiding the pony, but I hate having my hair out of a bun because it whips me in the face as I run. So nothing was working.

I tried these L. Erickson ponytail holders and I’m obsessed.

Then my sweet friends at Common Thread sent me a pack of L. Erickson Grab and Go Ponytail Holders and my life was changed.

cozy and comfortable for winter
these ponytail holders from L. Erickson are life changing!

These are the best ponytail holders I’ve ever used!

You guys, these L. Erickson Grab and Go ponytail holders are INCREDIBLE.

Yes, they’re pricier than your regular hair ties you get at the grocery store, but I promise they’re worth every penny.

  • I put them around my top knot three times for a perfect secure hold that does not move during my 3-5 mile runs.
  • At night when I’m sleeping, I wrap them around a very high ponytail twice, and they don’t leave any creases.
  • For a ponytail during the day, I wrap them around three times so it’s super secure.

They come in lots of different colors — I got the beige to match a little better with my hair, but I’m hoping they come out with a good dark brown color soon! (or if you’ve seen them anywhere, let me know!!)

If you’re in the same boat with hair ties that do not work for you, seriously I recommend these a million times over.

Grab them right here!


photos by priscilla frey

these are the best ponytails holders to keep your hair in place while you run, play, or sleep!


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    Hi… I don’t know if the setting is supposed to be this way, but when i put mine on high, a light comes on inside, like it looks like a glow inside the brush. is that normal or is it gonna shock me? lol

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