The Best Gray T-Shirts

a review of six brands of gray t-shirts and which one was surprisingly my favorite

A gray tee is a closet staple for me. If you don’t have one in your closet, I bought a bunch, tried them on for you, and found a clear favorite!


I found the perfect gray tee for summer

A couple of weeks ago on the blog I shared my favorite white t-shirts. Today let’s talk about gray t-shirts.

A gray tee is another closet staple for summer, and I bought a bunch to try and want to share my favorite.


These are the gray t-shirts I bought and tried

merricksart gray tee review aerie real soft tee

Aerie Real Soft V-Neck Tee

Wearing size: Small

I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from Aerie’s Real Soft collection and they’re always insanely soft. This tee is no exception. It’s lightweight, buttery soft, so comfortable, and has a perfect slightly oversized fit.

The only downside for me is that it’s a little bit sheer. You can see in the photos my undergarments showing through at the neck. Bummed about that because it really is such a good, soft tee.

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merricksart gray t-shirt review amazon essentials gray tee

Amazon Essentials V-Neck Tee

Wearing size: Small

Have you guys checked out the Amazon Essentials line? They have everything, including the perfect gray tee! I bought this one on a whim because it had good reviews, and honestly it was my favorite of all the tees I tried.

It has the same buttery soft feel, it’s slightly longer length so you can size up and wear with leggings, or size down for a closer fit, and it has a perfect not-too-low v-neck.

The fabric is also not quite so drapey, so if you carry weight in your stomach it’ll smooth over that.

This tee was a surprising winner for me, and a perfect everyday gray tee.

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merricksart gray tee review halogen gray t-shirt

Halogan Modal Gray Tee

Wearing size: XS

If you’re looking for an oversized tee to wear with leggings and cover your booty, this is a perfect option. If I were doing that, I’d stick to a size small instead of sizing down.

As you can see, the tee is very long, so it makes it a little trickier to half tuck, and there’s a lot of material for fully tucking. So get this one if you’re looking for a gray tee that you’ll mostly be wearing untucked.

Also I should mention, the material isn’t sheer, but it’s very lightweight and has a drapey hand that will definitely accentuate any weight you carry on your stomach, back, or sides. Stick to a more structured fabric if you carry weight there!

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merricksrat madewell crew neck tee

Madewell Crew Neck Gray Tee

This gray tee runs TTS, but has a boxy fit. I’m wearing a size small.

I wanted to give you guys a few crew neck options, and this was a really good one. The color of gray is a beautiful heather, and the length is perfect for leaving untucked, half tucking, or fully tucking. I love this tee.

It’s also not sheer at all, and has more of a soft, crisp feel rather than the buttery soft feel of some of the others.

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merrick's art madewell gray tee review

Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tee

Wearing size small

The whisper cotton Madewell tee is always a favorite. I’ve owned this tee in a bunch of colors over the years, and it’s a great basic v-neck.

The V neckline is lower than the others, and some of you have mentioned that in the past, but I don’t think it’s too low at all. It’s super flattering and opens up your face with a slightly deeper V.

It’s also the perfect length for untucking, half tucking, and fully tucking.

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merrick's art j.crew fitted tee review

J.Crew Perfect Fit Gray Tee

Wearing Size: Small. This gray tee runs true to size.

The shape of this tee is different than the others; it has a slightly longer, more fitted sleeve, and a slimmer cut on the bodice. This gray tee is a great option for tucking into skinny jeans or A-line skirts!

If you’re looking for a really slim bodysuit style of fit, size down!

Shop this tee HERE

Try these ideas to wear your gray t-shirt

  • Pair your gray t-shirt with white jeans for summer.
  • A gray tee looks adorable tucked into a summer skirt.
  • Tie a knot in your tee at the waist and wear it with shorts.
  • For a super basic outfit, tuck your gray tee into a pair of high waisted jeans


  1. Marta says:

    They all look amazing, I personally don’t have any gray t-shirts but now you got me thinking I need one.

  2. Sarah says:

    I orderEd the amazon ESSENTIALs tee in gray and then when ahead and added a light pink to my cart as well. I love Them both so much im going to order a couple more colors. They’re so soft too! Thanks for the recommendation!

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