Thank goodness I now have a public place to vent all my sorrows and woes

Two of my classes were cancelled today, so I’m home. I had my 8:00 drawing class this morning, and then when it was done at 11:00 I walked over to the testing center to take my religion midterm. I’ve been studying for it for the last few days, and felt pretty confident about the information. Well, my test score was lower than I expected and that threw my good mood out the window. So I came home and drowned my sorrows in an episode of Gilmore Girls and chocolate chip cookies.

I have that religion class later today, and so I sat down after GG was over and did my reading and study questions for the day, only to find out that almost all of the study questions from TODAY were on the test that opened TODAY. Am I the only one who is seeing a problem here? I also noticed on the test that several questions were about “Covenants” which was our lecture from Tuesday. He posts his lecture notes on his website (since he only ever gets through about 25% of his notes…and questions from the test are taken from these notes) and when I looked this morning at his website, no notes were posted for last lecture.

This is lame.

I’m going to fight this.

[update]: I went to class and he announced that the test covers notes and study questions through today. Thanks for telling us now. So I went up to him after class, told him my situation, and he’s letting me retake the questions that I missed IF they are covered in the last two days of lectures and notes. Whew.


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  1. At least he’s being reasonable.

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