Texas Trip (Part 2): Austin (aka. the trip of gluttony)

So, remember how I posted part 1 of our Texas Trip? And then I never posted part 2? Yeah…oops..here you go…

Our first full day in Austin, we headed over to the splash pad. Peanut is such a water baby, so he had the time of his life. And babies + water = camera happy Merrick…I nearly filled up my camera card in one afternoon!

The next day we headed to the library for a little cooler activity (although poor Ella was drenched in sweat from driving in the car…we later realized her a/c vent was closed. Parenting at its best).

That night we ate at Johnny T’s BBQ, and reveled in their amazing ribs. Even Ella approved. Peanut was too busy charming the people in line to take a picture.

The following day we headed downtown for a visit to Flip Happy Crepes. The food trailer, colorful table umbrellas, and the chalkboard menu gave it a fun “Austin” vibe.

Since marrying Philip I have been much more adventurous in my food choices (seriously, all I used to eat was chicken fingers and salad), but I played it safe here with a nice ham and gruyere, and never was I more happy to have made a safe choice. It was amazing.

Also, we may or may not have gotten a banana, chocolate, almond crepe for dessert. And we may or may not have eaten it too fast to get a picture. And we may or may not have let Ella have a little taste…

Once our tummies were full, we headed down to the art museum on UT Austin campus.

Peanut and Ella particularly enjoyed the installation exhibit featuring an enclosure of black drapes, a floor of pennies, a central pillar made of sacrament wafers, and a ceiling of cow bones. We’re pretty sure that neither of them ate any pennies during the visit of this exhibit…

The following day we headed to Zilker Park. The babies actually did enjoy the swings, despite the way it looks in this photo…


Then we paid our $3 and took a little ride on the Zilker Zephyr — a train that winds through the park.

On our way home we stopped by Mike’s Tacos and were very impressed. The salsa nearly burned a hole in our tongues, but we forgave Mike when he gave us great service and even better tacos. Who knew potatoes in tacos could be so delicious??

The next morning we finished off our trip of immense gluttony by going to Kerbey Lane. We’d heard fantastic things about their gingerbread pancakes, but after trying those along with the raspberry pancake special, some french toast, a breakfast sandwich, and a few breakfast tacos, we decided the gingerbread pancakes were our least favorite of the bunch.

Then we flew home and everyone went on a diet. The end.



  1. Brit says:

    Oh my gosh this sounds like such a vacation! It looks like the babies just made everything that much more fun. The water pictures of Peanut and Ella are just DARLING!!!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Looks like so much fun! I love your pictures, peanut is just a cutie! And Merk, if any of you guys went on diet, I think you might just disappear!

  3. Janssen says:

    I think I needed to go on TWO diets.

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