My Team’s Five Favorites from the Summer

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I love sharing my 5 favorite things every month, but decided to include my team on this month’s favorite round-up! We’re each sharing five things we loved and used a ton this summer.


I share my 5 favorites almost monthly here on the blog, but this month I wanted to include my team in a list of summer favorites. We have all different styles, tastes, budgets and interests, and we’re all at different phases of life, so I thought it’d be helpful for us all to share our favorites!


My Team’s Summer Favorites


Merrick’s Favorites

  1. Loving Tan, 2 Hour Express. I’ve been using some other tanning foam for the last few years and loving it, but Loving Tan has gotten lots of buzz in the last year or so, so I gave it a try and I’m obsessed. I get the dark color, and it’s a really fantastic color immediately, and has saved me this summer with lots of trips to the water park when I wanted a little extra color when wearing my swimsuit. It is DARK, so if you’re nervous about trying self tanner, don’t start with the dark. But I do one coat over my whole body, sleep on it, and then shower in the morning and it’s perfectly natural. I just look about 5 shades darker in the gym that morning before I shower and it can be a little alarming. But it lasts so long and looks so amazing. I have a whole post HERE about my other favorite tanners, which are still great!
  2. Raspberry Licorice. Licorice is like my favorite snack ever. I’m a total chocolate girl, but when I want something sweet, a piece of licorice (or 5) is my kryptonite. I’ve been buying Trader Joe’s strawberry licorice for years and love it, but I tried THIS ONE in my Thrive Market order and immediately fell in love. I tried the TJ’s one after and now I prefer the Darrell Lea Licorice! If you’re a licorice lover, seriously try this. I bought a giant pack from Amazon cause I wanted more, more, more.
  3. Dime Beauty Blue Facial Oil. This is an all-time favorite miracle product. It is like magic in a bottle, and makes your skin so happy. If you haven’t tried the Blue Facial Oil, you MUST. I have a 2-bottle bundle RIGHT HERE and my code MERRICK works for 20% off the already discounted bundle!
  4. Pillow Talk Lip Kit. I bought this lip kit for the first time in December and have worn it basically everyday since. it’s the perfect neutral color. You can see it on me RIGHT HERE. It comes with a liner, a lipstick, and a lipgloss, and they’re the trifecta of neutral lips. If you’re looking for a good everyday color, this is it.
  5. Re-Lyte Electrolytes MixI’ve been following this doctor on Instagram the last few weeks and he recommended taking an electrolyte drink after working out, so I bought the one he recommended and I LOVE it. It makes me feel so good after a workout, and since I intermittent fast until lunch, it’s a great way to get myself super hydrated after working out in the early morning and have something to drink until I eat many hours later. I tried the strawberry flavor and it’s definitely salty, but it tastes fine. Mostly I’m just happy with how good I feel!


Laura’s Favorites

  1. Perk Chill and Perk Energy – I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but I’ve always wanted to create the habit of a warm or iced drink to start my morning. Perk has been IT! It has no added sugar and 9 grams of collagen protein. I love drinking the chill at night to satisfy my sweet tooth and help me calm down. I love any and all of their chocolate flavors (dark chocolate salted pretzel is my favorite!)
  2. Tanning Water Face Mist – This was a prime day impulse buy, and I’m so glad I got it! I spray it on my face every morning after sunscreen and before makeup and it gives me the best tan glow – not orangey at all. I have received more skin compliments since using this than ever before!
  3. Peepers – Merrick had a partnership with Peepers a few months ago and I snagged two pairs with her discount code. These are hands down the BEST sunglasses I’ve ever tried. If you’ve never had polarized sunglasses you’re seriously missing out. What I love about them is they have a two-way bend, so they don’t squeeze my head.
  4. NINJA Creami – I’m sure you’ve seen this all over  Instagram and TikTok and I’m here to tell you, it is WORTH it! Listen, I would have a pint of Ben & Jerry’s every single night if I could have it not affect my health, but that’s never going to happen. This is the next best thing! I make a ton of bases with no-sugar-added ingredients and mix in whatever I want. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
  5. Target Body Wash – Naturium – I’ve been loving this body wash. It feels so luxurious and expensive but it’s just $15. I like the moisturizing oil one and the glycolic acid one. Both make my shower look so pretty and my skin feels amazing! They have a whole product line and I’m excited to try them all.


Kristy’s Favorites

  1.  Necessaire Deodorant– Laura told us about this on our team trip in May. I just turned 43 and my hormones are ALL out of whack so I have been looking for a really GOOD deodorant. THIS is IT!! I love the smell, I love how it rolls on and I love that it is helping me not smell (most importantly!).
  2. DIME Perfume Dans Le Bois This favorite goes along the same lines as the deodorant.  I have never been a big perfume girl. But, I told my husband for Christmas this last year I wanted to get perfume.  He got one for me and now I’m hooked on perfume.  I love that I can put it on in the morning and just start my day feeling fresh, even if I have to go make lunches and still do a workout and all the morning mom things.  I smell great doing it!
  3. Amazon Romper– Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good romper. It gets SOOO hot here in Texas and they are so comfy and still make me feel cute and stylish.  I got this romper a few weeks ago and have since bought it in several colors.
  4. Amazon Bracelets  I LOVE a great bracelet stack.  I wear my Buddha Girl bracelets everyday but love to mix others in with them.  I got these a few weeks ago and have work one or more of them nonstop.  The whole stack is so cute, but I love mixing it with other bracelets as well.
  5. Somerset Dress– I just had my birthday, which means that I get a 20% off my entire purchase at Anthropologie.  This is my favorite time to stock up on the things I have been wanting all year! Anthropologie just came out with some new Somerset prints and I got THIS one and I wore it on a trip to DC last weekend and got so many compliments!!


Shelby’s Favorites

  1. Simple Gold Bracelet– One of my goals for this year is get a few simple key pieces of jewelry that are high quality and can be worn 24/7. I love when I can wear pieces while hiking, swimming, working out, and showering without worrying about taking them off, losing them, or discoloration. I bought this bracelet earlier in the year using their birthday discount (25-50% off depending on the item!) and have worn it every single day this summer!
  2. Amazon Earrings– Going along with my first pick, I was determined to find earrings that would hold up in water/while working out because I hate going out without earrings. These amazon earrings are simple, lightweight, perfect for everyday, and only 8.99! I actually bought them last summer, but I had to include them in this list because I’ve worn them for over a year in the pool, ocean, shower, etc and I haven’t noticed any discoloration at all! I also love the price point because I’m never stressed about losing them.
  3. Claw Clip– I have longer, thick hair and have tried so many different clips but this is one of the only ones that truly keeps my hair up. It comes in 2 cute colors and I’ve loved it this summer for casual work from home days and quickly putting my hair up after the pool/beach.
  4. Reef Sandals– Merrick has posted about these sandals before and I can vouch for how good they are! I bought them several years ago and have gotten my mom, sisters, and friends hooked on them too! So comfortable and they hold up great- I have them in both Natural and Black/Natural and wear them all the time in the summer!
  5. Glossier Balm Dotcom– This is a beauty product I can’t live without! My lips get super dry and this is one of the few products I’ve tried that keeps them hydrated for a long time! You can buy it tinted or clear- mint is my favorite for summer because it’s so refreshing!
  6. Amazon Socks– The rest of my picks feel more like things I will love for summers to come, but I had to include one bonus pick that is a bit more fun and trendy. I’ve been loving these Amazon Ruffle Socks for working out, hiking, or trail running. I’m not a fan of the usual tube socks that are trendy right now, but when I started to see ankle ruffle socks pop up I thought they were so fun! I love how they’re higher because it protects my ankles from blisters, I get way less rocks and dirt in my shoes, and they just look fun with running shorts. I know they’re trendy, but for the price it’s a trend I’ve enjoyed just having fun with- especially since it’s just for working out.



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