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Did you hear the news on Friday?? The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing has officially launched! Leanne and I have worked on this project for almost a year, and we’re so thrilled to finally be able to reveal it.

Sewing is a skill that our generation has lost, but it is such an amazing creative outlet. Learning how to alter my existing clothing or how to make a custom dress perfectly tailored for my body is so fulfilling and fun for me.

Here are just five reasons that sewing is amazing for me (and will be for you):

  1. I can make clothing more modest for my standards
  2. I can make duplicates of clothing items that are out of my price range
  3. I can whip up a new dress for church or a holiday any time I’d like
  4. I can alter clothing to fit parts of my body that aren’t standard size
  5. It’s a skill I can learn once and then use for the rest of my life
So many of you have asked how to get started with sewing, or how I learned to sew. I took sewing lessons for a few years when I was little, but then didn’t touch a sewing machine for over ten years. So when I came back to it, it took years of trial and error to get to the point I’m at now. And up until we created this course, the only way you could learn was through a class at a community college, private lessons from someone in your area (if you could find someone), or teaching yourself (and trust me, this is the longest and most difficult route). 
The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing eliminates all that self taught trial and error, or the expensive costs of lessons or college courses. Our Beginner Course teaches all the basics of your machine, essential sewing tools, hemming, elastic, and other basic skills. And then our Intermediate Series covers more advanced skills like darts, sleeves, and zippers. 
But you won’t JUST learn the skills — we teach you how to use those skills to actually make two items of clothing, both of which you could use as a base to make a ton of other handmade pieces! 
Our videos are clear and concise, and once you purchase them, they’re yours forever so you can watch them as many times as you’d like and refer back to them as you sew. You can watch them all in your home, at your own pace, and if you have questions you can just email us and we’ll clarify anything that might be confusing to you.  
I love seeing you guys sewing along with me as I make and share tutorials for my own designs here on my blog, and I can’t wait to see more of you doing it as you take these courses! 
You can watch the promotional video right here on our YouTube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe because we’ll have new videos coming very soon that you won’t want to miss. 
Also don’t forget to enter our amazing giveaway over on Instagram worth almost $3500 to win yourself a new machine, serger, or money to purchase supplies!


  1. Halimah says:

    Yes! I loved this post and really enjoyed reading it.

  2. kirsten says:

    I had a really hard time hearing your voices with the music playing. Will your instructional videos still have the music? Or will there by subtitles I could turn on?

    • Merrick says:

      So sorry to hear that! None of the instructional videos have music in them, past the introduction. So you should be able to hear them just fine! Hope that helps.

  3. sandyalamode says:

    you girls are soo cute! and that polka dot wall is amazing!! and congrats on everything!! how exciting!! 🙂

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. Alyse Neibaur says:

    This is just what I need right now! I bought my first sewing machine just a few months ago and it’s been a lot of trial and error learning through pinterest projects, which is how I found your blog. You’re right that this skill is lost on our generation, but I’m so excited to get into it. I’ve already made my daughter some very simple skirts that she loves and I’m excited to see what else I can do with this machine.

  5. Heidi Lindsey says:

    Merrick, this is so exciting!! And wow, those pictures are absolutely adorable 🙂

    P.S. I just opened an Etsy shop!

  6. Elisabeth Klassen says:

    This is so exciting. I used to sew when I was little, but it’s been years since I’ve used a sewing machine. I agree with you about sewing being a lost skill that should be relearned. I’m looking forward to learning how to sew again, and make myself some nice clothing I’m proud of.

    Diary of Elegance

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