Sisters Share It All: One Hour Challenge (Tutorial)

For our Sisters Share It All this time, it was Landen’s pick. She decided to go Project Runway style and make us do a refashion project in one hour.  Totally terrifying for me (the queen of taking forever on even the quickest of projects) until I remembered this ASOS sweater knock-off refashion I’ve been dying to do.

With a super plain sweater I bought a few months ago from Forever 21, and a freezer paper stencil, I pumped this baby out with only moments left on my one-hour clock. To be fair, drawing and cutting out the letters took the majority of my time — the actual painting took one minute at the most.

sweater: forever 21 (shop) // button up: old navy (similar) // jeans: old navy (shop) // heels: target // necklace: c/o dainty deals


  • Plain sweater or shirt
  • freezer paper/pencil/scissors
  • iron
  • fabric paint/foam brush
Step 1. Draw out the text on the non-waxy side of your freezer paper, as seen below in the next two photos. 

Step 2. Carefully cut out your letters using sharp scissors or an exacto knife. Using a hot iron, iron the freezer paper to your sweater.

Step 3. Place a piece of cardboard inside your shirt to prevent paint seeping through, and then using a foam brush, dab your paint on to the stencil.

Let the first coat dry for 10-15 minutes and then do a second coat to insure total coverage. Wait for the paint to dry completely and then carefully peel the stencil off. If your fabric paint requires a heat seal, do that now. 

and that’s it!

Now go check out Janssen and Landen’s one-hour projects! 
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  1. Awesome! This looks great.

  2. I love the new sweater! I need to get me some freezer paper and fabric paint!

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow, that looks fantastic! I have to say your free handwriting is awesome!

  4. Brittany M. says:

    Holy heck that's cute (of course). I have wanted to try a freezer paper project for awhile but NONE of our stores sell the stuff–it's silly, really.

  5. Lacey says:

    I fear this may turn out like Kate's hair tutorials. She does it and it looks so easy. I do it and it's a huge mess. You are incredibly creative!

  6. Emily Beth says:

    OMG I love this! I cannot wait to try this out!

    xo Emily Beth

  7. Anna says:

    You are amazing! I LOVE this.


  8. christine says:

    I love this!!! Such a great idea for a fraction of the price compared to the expensive shirts!

  9. Kristina says:

    I love this idea, it's so cute!!


    Kristina does the Internets

  10. Chrissie says:

    This is so stinking cute. I'm not sure I have the talent to do this myself, but perhaps I'll give it a try someday anyways! Love it!

  11. Turned out adorable!!! Great job on the writing…I could never have done that!

  12. Franziska says:

    This turned out so well! I'd be scared for the paint to move around, but it looks like it didn't. What a great way to make something your own. Maybe I'll make a Guten Tag one 😉

  13. Lindsay says:

    I seriously can't believe you made this yourself and that you freehanded the text! I like my print handwriting, but I'm not great at script (at least pretty script like that). You're so talented!

  14. Ooh I love this so much! The bonjour is fabulous, but this technique could be used for anything! The inspiration is flowing! Thank you so much for sharing


  15. I love this. So simple, but so beautiful. and an awesome way to repurpose and try a new trend at the same time!

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