Real Friends

can it get more awkward than that stupid face and awkward reaching around hand? no, it cannot.

my outfit: polka dot cardi: f21 (shop), orange cords: anthropologie, black boots: target (shop)
preethi’s outfit: details found on her blog (don’t you love that teal suede pencil skirt? I die.)

A few weeks ago, Preethi emailed me and told me she was coming to Provo. “Let’s meet and be real friends!” she said. So we did. She came to my house, I met her adorable baby and super nice husband, we had breakfast together, and then, because we’re both newbie fashion bloggers, we did what fashion bloggers do best — take pictures of ourselves.

The freshly fallen snow was a perfect backdrop, and although we froze our tails off, and couldn’t figure out how to coordinate serious faces and smiles, and ended up with lots of awkward faces (mostly me — is that how I always look when I laugh??), we had a total blast. She was fabulous, smart, adorable, and hilarious. Her visit was much too short. Oh, and I’m really glad she wasn’t some old scary creeper man, pretending to be a fashion blogger. That was definitely a high point.



  1. Ooooo, I likey your boots. Are they new?

  2. Janssen says:

    How fun! Is she your first blog friend to meet in person?

    I am dying to meet her – if only she'd come to Austin!

  3. love the polka dots!

    Where did Preethi get her shirt?

  4. Kayla says:

    When that first picture popped up I was like HEY I KNOW HER!! How fun! Doesn't stuff like this kind of make you see the point of blogger conferences? Who wouldn't want to get together with all their bloggy friends?

  5. I "know" her too! Except not in real life haha. The pictures are so fun!! You guys both look beautiful!

  6. How fun! That backdrop is beautiful. I have yet to meet other bloggers in real life, but I will soon, and I'm excited!

    On another note, I still love those pants, and the color of Preethi's skirt is really pretty.

  7. Jenn says:

    The backdrop is gorgeous! And I like the way both your outfits work well together (i.e. your pants and her skirt), almost like they were coordinated. That must have been such a fun thing to do, meet up with a fellow blogger!

  8. preethi says:

    Yay! Such fun. Thanks for the adorable post. For those of you who were curious, my outfit details can be found here.

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