Quarter of a Century

On Friday I turned twenty five. It seems like one of those perfect ages — the one always mentioned when you talk about “not being that age anymore,” or “wish I looked like that age.” I think that means it’s going to be the best year of my life so far — I’m going to feel the best, and look the best, and then it’s all downhill from here πŸ™‚

But really, it was a fantastic day. There’s proof in the pictures (and in my novel at the end of this post).

In the morning, I taught art class. I usually teach this lesson on Tuesdays, but Peanut has been cutting his two year old molars and was running a fever that day, so we moved it to Friday. When I showed up, Michelle (my student’s mom), was just pulling cinnamon/raspberry rolls out of the oven. And then she forced me to take some home. I ate two in less time than I’d care to admit. They were heavenly.

Then the rest of the afternoon (while Peanut was napping), I watched Downton Abbey. Yes, I know I’m behind, but better late than never, right? I’m really enjoying it so far, although I’m still wondering why it’s everyone’s FAVORITE show in the whole. wide. world. Don’t get me wrong…it’s good. But when everyone was (and still is) tweeting and blogging and talking about it non-stop, I guess I was expecting to love it a little more. Maybe I have to keep watching. Don’t stone me yet.

Philip got home from work early, which was fabulous, and after Peanut woke up, we opened presents. Philip got us some tennis rackets (cause remember how much I love tennis?) which I can’t wait to use (sadly not til after baby #2 is born), I bought myself a new iphone case, and Philip also got me a Blendtec! You guys, best birthday ever.

For dinner, we tried out a newish restaurant in Provo called Sora. It’s Japanese food, and although I haven’t had much experience with sushi (and can’t eat anything uncooked right now), I was feeling adventurous and up for something new and fun. It was fantastic. Nice atmosphere, good service, and fantastic food. We opted for family style and tried a few appetizers, two sushi rolls, soup, and a beef and rice dish. All of it was so good — we’ll definitely be back. And next time I’m trying the strawberry shrimp sushi roll that the waitress kept raving about. Oh, and my little brother was staying with us for the weekend, so he joined us, and despite dropping every piece of his food in the super spicy chili sauce on accident, he seemed to have a good time too πŸ™‚

We ended the evening by making Nat The Fat Rat’s winner chocolate chip cookies for the umpteenth time, and stuffing our faces with them while we watched a movie.

A completely perfect 25th birthday.



  1. Happy happy birthday! Sounds and looks like you had a great day πŸ™‚

  2. preethi says:

    What a fun day. Happy birthday, Merrick!

  3. Steph says:

    Happy birthday! 25 is awesome, no?

    I liked season one of Downton Abby but it just gets progressively worse, I am sorry to say. I couldn't even finish season two. It was like a daytime soap on steroids.

  4. That's exactly how I felt about Downton Abby at first! I still wouldn't say it's the best show ever in the history of everness the way some people rave, but by the second to last episode of season 1, I was hooked. After the last episode, I was bummed there weren't more episodes on netflix yet. Definitely keep watching. (Although I still think I'm confused and missed a bunch because I'm no good with accents–I feel like I need subtitles even though they're speaking English, lol.)

    And happy birthday!

  5. Erica says:

    Happy Birthday! Looks like a great day! You are feeling a lot better about 25 than I am, which I turn in 2 months. Oh man – just saying that makes me feel old.

  6. Just Jaime says:

    Sounds like a great birthday! Happy belated!

  7. TheTinyHeart says:

    Happy birthday, Merrick! Oh, how I wish I could go back to being 25 πŸ™‚

    The Tiny Heart

  8. I'm so glad you had such a great birthday!! And I know what you mean about Downton Abbey. It took me awhile to really like it. But the second season becomes this British soap opera, and is so addicting!!

  9. happy birthday!! hope you had an amazing time with your family! xo


  10. Janssen says:

    Hooray for Birthdays! So glad it was such a fun one – I didn't realize you ALL went out to dinner.

  11. Kristin says:

    Happy Birthday to you! My sister turned 25 this year, and I think she feels the same way! It's the year of your prime πŸ™‚ Looks like you had a lovely weekend! After reading your thoughts on Downton Abbey, I had to give you a link to a post I wrote on it awhile ago. It's so rare that I meet someone who seems to share my thoughts on the show! I just don't get ALL the hoopla! Anyway, if you'd like a long wordy read, here ya go ;-): http://kristinsveranda.com/vignettes/2012/02/27/downton-abbey-discussed/ ———- Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

  12. Downton Abbey!!! One of my favorite shows! It's a good time. Happy birthday!!

  13. newpetite says:

    Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a fun day with your family!

  14. Happy Quarter of a Century Birthday to you! I turn 25 as well on the 31st of this month! July is a great month to be born in. πŸ™‚ Glad it was a perfect day for you.

  15. Grace Marie says:

    happy belated birthday!!

    you make me feel OLD. old old old.

    anyway — that sushi looks amazing — and I love your brother's face!!!

  16. Brittany says:

    Happy Birthday, Mer! Twenty-five was an exciting one for my husband, too; makes us all that more excited for twenty-six! Enjoy it!

  17. Happy belated birthday! I turned a quarter of a century old on friday too haha. Glad you had a good one.

  18. Happy birthday!!! πŸ˜‰ looking fabulous through your pregnancy and how seriously cute is your iPhone case?!

  19. Glad you had such a good birthday!! I was never obsessed with Downton Abbey, but I did like it more as it goes on. Especially second season.

  20. I'm glad the rolls slightly made up for the fact that you had to teach on your birthday. Did you get the recipe? I emailed it to you but I may have used the wrong address.

  21. Rhiannon says:

    Looks like you had a fun day!

    I think Downton Abbey gets better. I loved it by the end and can't wait for the next series.

  22. Erica Bellio says:

    Happy Birthday! I just had my 30th birthday not too long ago! So enjoy the 25! BC it really was an amazing year. I wanted to let you know I have been checking your blog daily and find it so interesting! I just started blogging myself..was wondering if you had any tips for newbies? I am really excited about it! Anyways, shoot me a comment or something or an email, thx girl! Erica


  23. Oh Downton… Yeah, give it time. You'll be watching three episodes a day before you know it. The first episode weired me out a bit, and it tool me a while to watch the second. A blendtec seriously is the best gift ever! I'm hoping for one for my next b-day (which will be 28… enjoy 25!) So, I recently started following your blog (thank you pinterest.. love the sewing tutorials!) and I just have to tell you how adorable I think you are. I love your blog, and how real your life is. Some blogs are pretentious; yours is genuine. Okay, that's all. Oh, and I'll have to bring my husband to that Japanese restaurant… It's so close to where we live!

  24. Saskia says:

    Happy birthday! Welcome to the 25s, I'd agree they're pretty great!

  25. Brit says:

    Mer!! I can't believe I didn't give you a call on Friday! I'm so happy that your birthday was so enjoyable. There is something magical about being 25 and I think I like it! I sent you a little present but it is traveling snail mail so I don't think you've received it yet. Hope you love it close to as much as I love you! XOXO

  26. I just started following your blog and I love it! Such adorable pictures! Happy Birthday!

  27. Kelly says:

    Look at it this way… Each day you get older and it's all "downhill", but what that really means is that each day you really are having the best looking day of your life. πŸ™‚

  28. Ann E. says:

    Happy happy birthday! what a great week to be born ( my bday was on the 16th.) and I am pretty sure that we are so special we deserve to celebrate for the rest of July πŸ™‚

  29. No way! Ha I turned 21 on the 20th. We share a birthday. Very cool. Love your blog πŸ™‚



  30. Happy belated birthday!!

    Although 25-29 were good years, the 30s are DEFINITELY better…something to look forward to, I promise.

    Love your blog!

  31. happy happy birthday merrick!!! did i forget that you were younger than me, or have we just never talked about this??? either way, looks like you had a wonderful day, and great company to share it with πŸ™‚

  32. Emily says:

    Happy happy birthday!

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