Project Suntan

Goal for Summer 2009 as of April 21 at 3:45 PM:

Lay in the sun during my 15 minute lunch break every single day.

Maybe I won’t end up so pasty white at the end of this summer. Awesome.

What are your narcissistic summer goals?



  1. craftyashley says:

    Same as yours! I’m rolling up my pants and basking in the sun while the girls are on the playground. I want a tan!

  2. To not have transparent casper like skin and to be 30lbs lighter and toned…yeah- a little vain I know…but what can you do? Last summer I was six, seven and eight months pregnant so I have some ‘catching’ up to do!

  3. My goal this summer is to start a habit of running. And I think you know me well enough to know that this is a very big deal. I am not a runner. But I really want to shed some baby pounds and get healthier. Also, the tanning thing is a good idea, although I hear the sun shines about 15 mins a day in Oregon, so I’ll have to time it just right.

  4. Marie says:

    I’ve been “fake-n-baking” because we are going on a cruise in 8 days!! I’m actually looking pretty tan, for once. Although I’m a wrinkle-phobe so I never do my face…

  5. sarah says:

    that is what i do on my lunch break! it really does work, it’s my second year now and the 15 minutes turns out to be the perfect amount of time! good luck!

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