My Best Online Shopping Tips

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Online shopping is the way of the modern world, but buying clothes without trying them on can be tricky. Here are my best online shopping tips to save you time and money!


The vast majority of stores have moved their shopping online. But, it can be hard to shop for clothes online without trying them on, and it can get expensive and time consuming with returns. Here are my best online shopping tips to help you find the right fit and sizing.


My Online Shopping Tips

  1. Online size guides are your friend! I always, always check the sizes guides when I’m shopping online. It’s a really good way to figure out what size to get. These size guides will be based off of your measurements, so if you don’t know your waist or bust or hip measurement, pull out a flexible measuring tape and find out. This is the best and easiest way to get the right size.
  2. Look at online reviews. Online reviews are SO helpful. Often they’ll mention if an item runs big or small, or they’ll share their measurements so you can compare yours and purchase sizing accordingly. It’s also helpful to hear from other women about the fit, the fabric, and answers to other questions you may have when you can’t touch or see the item in person.
  3. Shop from reputable sites. I have my tried and true favorite stores I shop at, like Nordstrom, Madewell, Anthropologie, Boden, Target, Old Navy, etc. There are tons of great boutiques out there that are totally reputable, so definitely don’t discount those just cause they’re small, but be wary of the ones filled with knock-offs like ChicWish, Shein, and Temu.
  4. If you’re unsure of sizing, free exchanges or returns are golden. When I’m unsure of sizing, especially when buying from a new place, I’ll often buy two and return one since it’s helpful to try on at home and figure out your sizing. But check on the return policy since and return window so you don’t get any surprises after ordering.


I hope this is helpful!




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