One Month

I’m a little behind on this, what with moving and all, but last week I dug through the piles of unorganized stuff and managed to find my camera, and then clear enough space on the couch to take a picture. Yes, it was four or five days after his one month mark, but we’ll take what we can get. This kid will be lucky if he gets all twelve pictures over the next year. Seriously, it’s harder to remember to do this stuff with a second child — shouldn’t have set such a high bar with Peanut… πŸ˜‰

Anyway, here we are. Get a load of those squishy cheeks!

And a few mentionables about his first month of life:

  • The first week after we brought him home from the hospital was a little rough — sleep all day and awake all night was his philosophy. Happily, we fought hard to keep him awake for some portion of the day, and within a few days he switched to a good schedule. 
  • Now he’s sleeping like a champ, and only getting up one time a night (usually between 5:00 and 6:30am to eat), and then going right back to sleep for many more hours. Man, I feel so good. 
  • With Philip gone only ten days after he was born, he spent a lot of time with me, and thus has become a total mama’s boy. He’s finally getting used to being held by Philip, but for a while there it was all about me (which, by the way, I totally didn’t mind. Loved the attention from my little man, especially since Peanut is a major daddy’s boy. Gotta keep things even around here, you know). 
  • Survived his first cold. Fortunately it never got too bad, but he was grouchy for a few days while his throat was probably sore and nose was pretty stuffy. 
  • Besides the few days of grumpiness, he’s been an incredibly good baby, and hardly ever fussy unless he’s hungry or tired. Although when he’s hungry and not fed within a reasonable amount of time, he’s a screamer! 
  • He is on a perfect schedule of nursing on one side, pooping immediately after, and then eating on the other side. Seriously, it’s like clockwork. 
  • Also, I’ve been peed on so many times already — with Peanut, it happened maybe twice ever. Not this guy…the second that diaper is off and he feels freedom, he lets loose. 
  • He’s a terrific eater (and very fast! Oh, it’s so great!) and that’s resulted in quite a few rolls. We’re constantly cleaning lint out of his neck, armpits, and leg rolls.
  • We weren’t quite there at one month, but now at six and a half weeks we’re getting lots of smiles when we tickle his cheeks or talk baby talk to him. 
  • Lots of cooing (it sounds like he’s saying “hi” all the time)
  • Still the cuddliest baby a mama could ask for. Sometimes he gets worked up for some reason, and then when I pick him up, he just lays his head on my shoulder, wide awake, just calming himself down. Obviously he just needed to feel my arms around him and my heartbeat against his cheek. Oh, I love it. 
Bottom line, having another baby is so great. My sister tweeted yesterday that she loves having a newborn in the house again (she just had her second baby girl last Friday!) and I couldn’t agree more. There’s just nothing better than a tiny, squishy baby. 
Please don’t grow up too fast, sweet Buck. We’re trying to enjoy every moment. 
See Peanut’s one month post here
Couch: Macy’s
Sheepskin rug: IKEA
Gold pillow: West Elm
Buck’s outfit: Old Navy (old)


  1. Oh he is just too adorable in a totally boy sort of way!

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh, can he get any cuter?! That outfit is too cute. My uterus is aching…must make another squishy so I don't come steal yours…;)

  3. So stinkin' cute!!! Glad to hear it's going so well with #2. πŸ˜‰

  4. I love reading posts like this πŸ™‚ he is just adorable!

  5. This makes me all the more impatient to meet our little one we're baking in the oven right now!

  6. Brittany says:

    So squishy! Love it.

  7. Goodness gracious, he is too cute for words! Thanks for sharing some of his little tidbits from Month 1!

  8. Sarah S. says:

    what a cutie!! Is his hair a little Red?!

  9. What an adorable baby boy!!

  10. Janssen says:

    His hair is a VERY similar color to my baby's hair (my baby needs a blog name. . . ).

  11. newpetite says:

    Oh my.. he is such a cutie!! Love the little rolls on babies πŸ™‚

  12. Carey says:

    This post is SO encouraging to me – I'm due in 3 mos. with baby #2 – I'd be SO happy if it worked out so well for me too!! πŸ™‚

  13. April says:

    He is stinking cute. And also makes me baby hungry πŸ™‚ gotta love the chunky babies πŸ™‚


  14. J. says:

    So adorable! And look at the hair!

  15. So adorable! Glad you dug around to get a photo!

  16. .Chrissy says:

    Oh my goodness!!! He is seriously so cute!

  17. Laura says:

    Oh my goodness! What a cute little dude. And he'll have a cousin so close in age to play with growing up. Enjoy this time!


  18. Monica says:

    He really is a beautiful boy–love the outfit too!

  19. What an adorable ball of squishiness he is!

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One Month

Dear Baby Bear,

The night we brought you home from the hospital was probably the most stressful day of my life. After your birth, you stayed in “sleep recovery mode” for about three days straight, making it pretty difficult to feed you. That day we brought you home, the feeding was not much better, and after hours of trying to get you to eat, I finally pumped and fed you through a syringe. You were starving at this point and gulped down that milk faster than I could push it out of the syringe. This resulted in a full stomach too fast, and consequently much throwing up. Your dad and I planned to put you in the nursery right away, but with the puking situation, we figured it was best to keep you in our room for a few nights. Every peep you made had us flying out of bed and rushing to your side, praying that you were still breathing.

The next few nights as we kept you in our room, we continued to stress over every little noise. Every day as the clock hit five or six pm, a feeling of dread would come over me as I knew we were heading into night time. My mom has always said “everything is worse at night,” and no statement could have been more true. Night times were scary. But as we moved in to week two, things got a little less scary. And by week three, even though you had a cold that resulted in congestion and trouble breathing, things were much less scary and I finally felt like I could actually do this. I could be a mom and take care of you.

Now that you’re a month old, it’s so fun to look back and see the changes that have already happened in just four short weeks! For one, you’ve started filling out and now are nearly ten pounds (according to my scale at home) and 22 inches! Your cheeks are getting chubbier by the day and are the most delicious things I’ve ever seen…I just want to kiss and chomp them all day long. You’re starting to eat a little less frequently, which is really nice for me, starting to hold your head up really well, and you’re smiling all the time — my favorite thing in the whole world.

You’re the best natured baby in the world, only crying when you’re hungry, and fussing when you’re tired. Oh, and screaming when we suck the boogers out of your nose (which, unfortunately happens ALL the time these days). I can’t wait to see you grow up and turn into a little man. Even though you’ve only been here for one month, it feels like forever and I hardly know how we lived without you.

Happy One Month, Buddy Bear.

Love, Mom



  1. I'm glad to know we're not the only ones who flew out of bed countless times to check on breathing. Those first few weeks are terrifying!! such a sweetie!

  2. Bart says:

    Love that picture. Hard not to just repeat my previous comment: "What a cute little guy!"

    And a great recount of the first month. Happy One Month, BB!

  3. Mary says:

    How sweet! What a cutie!
    This post brought back memories of my first baby and those first few weeks home from the hospital when every little noise at night wakes you up.
    Enjoy kissing his sweet little cheeks and breathing in his perfect baby smell as much as you can now. Before you know it he'll be seven (which is how old my first child is turning this weekend) and you'll miss his kissable cheeks and sweet smell (seven year olds don't smell quite as good as babies!). Seriously, just enjoy this time. It will be among the most precious of your life and is far too fleeting!

  4. Camille says:

    Isn't it just the most wonderful/exhausting/stressful/wonderful thing? Nothing better, seriously πŸ™‚ Love being a mama.

  5. Mrs. D says:

    absolutely DARLING. And Great idea! Are you planning on printing out your blog? I use Blog2Print every 6 months to get a book copy of my blog… I would totally recommend it for you, especially if you want something tangible for your little man.

    Looks like you're doing great! πŸ™‚

  6. Packrat says:

    Such a cutie!

    Ah, yes, the panic – each little noise or when it was too quiet.

  7. Marie says:

    So sweet. I must admit, it makes me feel a bit better hearing about your struggles the first few weeks. Not that I'm glad things were a bit hard, I just always feel like I'm such a mess after having a baby. Sometimes it's a bit reassuring to hear that it can be an adjustment for everyone.

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One Month…

….til my baby’s due date!



  1. Carole says:

    We can hardly wait!!!

  2. Christine says:

    woo hoo! and he can't come any sooner either! I don't want to miss it! (well the actual delivery i plan to miss haha, but you know what i mean)

  3. Emily says:

    I'm starting to freak out. How bout you?? πŸ™‚ (And I'm excited, but there's still so much to do!)

  4. It will be here before you know it!

  5. Marie says:

    You are SO close! Seriously can't wait to see this little guy – and learn his name! πŸ™‚ It was great seeing you on saturday, you put all us pregnant ladies to shame!

  6. 難得 says:

    ε₯½ηš„ιƒ¨θ½ζ Όε°±θ¦ε’Œε₯½ζœ‹ε‹εˆ†δΊ«–ζ„Ÿθ¬εˆ†δΊ«........................................

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