My Massage Dilemma

About a year ago, my good friend, Cathy, needed my assistance with her final art show at school. All her art was already hung, all the labels were correctly placed, and all her handouts had been handed out. What did she need my help with?

The food table.

My job for about 2 hours was to stand behind the food table and make sure those cream puffs were not understocked, the punchbowl had plenty of Sprite, and none of the brownie boxes were peeking out from under the tablecloth. Easy peasy.

So I did just that, for two hours. Trust me…those cream puffs remained fully stocked the entire time.

When the show was over, I said thanks for letting me help and went on my merry way. The next day at school she leaned over to me in class and slipped me an envelope. I waited until after class to open it (is it rude to open an envelope in front of someone? I think it is…) and inside was a gift certificate for a free massage! Seriously? A gift like that for arranging a fruit platter?

To say the least, I was VERY grateful. But here I am a year later and I still haven’t used it. Why, you ask? Because there is this dilemma that I face every time I think about going and getting that massage:

There could always be a better time when I’m more stressed out than I am now. “I’ll wait til that time.”

And that time has never come. Midterms, Finals, job hunting, and more have all come and gone, and that gift certificate continues to sit in my drawer.

Now I’m thinking, it’s the holidays! What better time to get that massage! But still I think, there’s a better time just around the corner.

So what do you think, readers? When should I get that massage? Or maybe one of you want it? Or maybe I should give it to Philip? Or give it away as a Christmas gift?Tell me your thoughts.

[note: there is no expiration date]



  1. Ashley says:

    Give it to me.

    Haha, ok. not really. But yes, just hurry and go get it or you never will.

  2. Haha! I totally know what you mean – I always do stuff like that! My suggestion: Thursday, the 11th sounds fantastic. Or Friday the 12th. Don’t do it because you’re stressed – do it because you want to give yourself some attention and you deserve it!

  3. Nina G says:

    I’m with the “do it now” crowd. When you’re stressed, you’re too stressed to enjoy it. 🙂

  4. There may be no expiration date but times being like they are – the place may go out of business before you use it if you wait to long! go use it now!

  5. Chelsea says:

    I think you should get it right away! If you keep putting it off, you’ll keep doing that over and over and guess what will never happen? You Massage!!!!!

  6. Mary says:

    I once had a gift certificate for a free pedicure and, like you, kept putting off getting it. Guess what, I never ended up using it and now I don’t have a clue as to where it is (it is probably expired anyway). So my advice is to go and use it now while you’re thinking about it. I always feel a little guilty that the people who gave me the gift wasted their money!

  7. craftyashley says:

    You will never say afterwards “I wish I would have waited to use that later.”

    Perhaps schedule a couples’ massage with Phillip? Fun!

  8. Lacie & Ryan says:

    You can give me a free massage ANYTIME!!!! Seriosuly, call tomorrow and set it up for the first free appt they have that works for you- I wish I had a massage dilemma!!!!Ohhhh, I like Ashley’s idea for a couple’s massage- do that!

  9. Forget couples massage, you and me baby! 🙂

  10. Emeli says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing that story. I’m a passionate massage fan. Once my husband gave me a certificate to visit the massage parlor since then I go there almost every month. I even bought myself a home original jacknobber, and force and now every night my husband does me a neck massage!

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