How to Wear Loungewear for Everyday

everyday mix and match loungewear

Loungewear is so popular these days, but it can be hard to figure out how to wear it out of the house without looking like pajamas. Here are a few great everyday outfits with American Giant loungewear pieces.


Can you wear loungewear in everyday outfits without looking like you’re wearing pajamas?? The answer is YES.

It’s a great way to feel comfy but still put together for the day. Both Philip and I love American Giant loungewear — it’s super high quality, amazing fabric, and the kind of pieces you can wear for years to come. On American Giant’s website they show how their classic hoodies look after 10 years and it’s incredible. They are made to last! There are a lot of cheap loungewear pieces out there that stretch and fade and don’t hold their shape, but American Giant is not one of those. So today I’m doing a little American Giant review and styling session!

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Philip loves American Giant hoodies and their joggers (he has them in black) and I love their wide leg sweatpants, classic zip up hoodies, and moto zip up jackets. They have FREE 3-day SHIPPING TODAY ONLY on orders over $100 if you want to get some pieces as holiday gifts!


Here are a few keys to wearing loungewear without looking like pajamas: 

  1. Choose polished loungewear that has good shape, structure, and fabric.
  2. Add layers
  3. Add accessories to finish the outfits.


Everyday outfits with loungewear

Here are the American Giant pieces I’m showing in these outfits (use code MERRICK for 20% off any of these!)


Two ways to wear the straight leg sweatpants

Honestly, I love THESE STRAIGHT LEG PANTS so much. They’re called lightweight, but they’re actually a nice sturdy sweatpants material — not lightweight and flimsy, and actually fairly warm for the winter!

Everyday Loungewear Outfit 1:

  • Black on black is always a good idea! I’m wearing the BLACK STRAIGHT LEG SWEATPANTS and the BLACK MOTO ZIP, and together they give a chic, sporty vibe. I added cool fashion sneakers and a baseball hat, and then I layered a puffer jacket for a casual feel, but you could also do a peacoat.

Everyday Loungewear Outfit 2:

  • These ZIP UP HOODIE from American Giant can be worn zipped or unzipped, but this time I wore it unzipped with a V-NECK T-SHIRT underneath and the SWEATPANTS. This is more of a loungewear outfit I’d wear at home so I skipped the shoes, but you could wear with sneakers too.

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Another winter shoe options to wear with these straight leg pants

Shoes with full length wide or STRAIGHT LEG PANTS can be difficult, especially if the pants are very casual. But, Chelsea boots work with them!

Everyday Loungewear Outfit 3:

    • Instead of the moto zip with the STRAIGHT LEG PANTS, I chose the BLACK PULLOVER SWEATER. It’s simple and a little more casual. I wore the black chelsea boots with it, and then added a wool peacoat in a contrasting color. These two outfits above are the same – just one with the coat on and one with the coat off. This outfit was warm and chic and casual and cool all at the same time.

shop these American Giant pieces with code MERRICK for 20% off



zip hoodie with jeans
pink hoodie layered with jacket

Wear the lounge pieces as separates

The best thing about lounge sets is that they’re versatile and can be worn together or separately. These AMERICAN GIANT HOODIE have become a staple in my closet during the colder months. If you’re looking for a layer that’s cool and casual, these ZIP UP HOODIES are perfect.

Everyday Loungewear Outfit 4:

Everyday Loungewear Outfit 5:

  • Watch how the outfit totally changes when you zip up the SWEATSHIRT and add a wool coat! It feels perfectly casually-chic. You could absolutely wear this with flats or casual boots too.

shop these American Giant pieces with code MERRICK for 20% off


hoodie layered with coat
hoodie layered with jacket

Play with layering

Sometimes a HOODIE can feel like it has to be the top layer in your outfit, but don’t be afraid to play with other layers over the top!

Everyday Loungewear Outfit 6:

  • This is the same outfit combination as Outfit 5, but see how I swapped the shoes for boots? This makes it a little more wintery and keeps your feet warmer.

Everyday Loungewear Outfit 7:

shop these American Giant pieces with code MERRICK for 20% off


I hope this shows you how versatile these pieces can be, and that you wear them more than just inside the house!



This post was sponsored by American Giant






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