What I Wore and What We Did On Our Family Reunion in Mexico

family reunion mexico

This year we headed out on a family reunion with Philip’s family. Here are all the details of our family trip to Mexico this year including where we stayed, what we did, and what I wore. 


We do a family reunion with Philip’s family each year and this year we traveled to Mexico! Here’s a breakdown of all the details of our trip, including where we stayed, what we did, and of course – what I wore!


Our Family Reunion in Mexico


  • Where did you stay?
  • Would you recommend it for young kids? 
    • Yes, absolutely! It was right on the beach so the sand was right there, and they also had several large pools, one of which was adults only, and one was a family pool. They had a kids club and a family club, and kid friendly food at every restaurant, and lots of daily activities. My boys did water balloon volleyball, a guacamole making class, and more!
  • Was the water safe to swim?
    • Yes! I heard from some of you that there was a seaweed problem in some areas, and in others that the waves were not safe, and we didn’t have that issue at all. On our trip to Cabo last year, we could not go in the water, but here was very safe and was great for swimming and snorkeling, with no seaweed issues. Definitely recommend!
  • Was it all-inclusive?
    • It was! This is our second all-inclusive we’ve been to in the last year and they’re so fun. We don’t drink alcohol, but we definitely took advantage of the free virgin drinks and smoothies, and all the other food!
  • What sunscreen do you use for you and your kids?
  • Did you ever feel unsafe?
    • No, we rode an Uber from the airport to the resort and that was totally fine, and a taxi back to the airport with no trouble, and my in-laws went into the little market with my nieces and they rode the bus and felt safe (but my new mother in law speaks Spanish, so that definitely helped everyone feel more comfortable).
  • Did you leave the resort?
    • I didn’t, but as I mentioned above a few of the family members did!
  • Did you use a professional photographer for family photos?
    • Nope, just a tiny tripod and my phone on portrait mode!
  • What was the virgin drink you got?
    • Our favorites are virgin mojitos (mint and lime), virgin strawberry daiquiris, and half pineapple juice half 7-up or Sprite. So yummy!
  • Did you plan activities before or go with the flow?
    • Philip’s family is more go with the flow, so we had no activities planned ahead of time, just hang out and enjoy time together. We booked a banana boat ride at the last minute and it was a blast, and my brother in law rented kayaks and went out with his daughter, and we decided on dinners the day of, etc. It was relaxing and nice, but we also like to make plans ahead of time on other trips. It just depends on what kind of trip it is and who we’re traveling with.
  • How did you get from the airport to the resort?
    • We took an Uber using the Uber App, and that worked just fine and was super cheap. However, we had to walk out of the airport and across a pedestrian bridge to get to the other side of the street since Uber vehicles aren’t allowed on the airport property. It was hot and humid and mildly inconvenient, but the 35 minute ride was only $14 USD, so it was well worth the inconvenience. On the way back, we took a taxi and it dropped us right at the terminal and it cost $32 USD for 5 of us. Philip’s sister and dad went together later in a taxi and for 9 of them it was $95 USD for the same trip so it seemed that they charged based on the group.
  • Can you drink the water at the hotel? 
    • They had water bottles available – we did not drink the tap water!


What I wore on our trip to Mexico


Travel day: I wore this comfy jumpsuit on the way there, and it’s one of my favorite pieces to travel in! I’m wearing size small in the navy color, and it’s great for everyday or for travel. It has an easy little snap at the neckline so it’s simple to slide off for the bathroom.




Day 1: As soon as we got to Mexico, we checked in and then headed to dinner. I changed into this little striped coverup with a swimsuit underneath, but I belted it for a nicer look for dinner. The coverup looks so cute open over a swimsuit too!

I’m wearing a size small in the coverup and a size 4 in the swimsuit.




Day 2: This cute crocheted coverup was a walmart steal that I found right before we left, and it was great with a pair of denim shorts for a day at the beach. Comfy, cute, and affordable!




Day 3: This swimsuit was an immediate YES from me…it’s bold and bright and perfect for summer! It’s almost sold out, but i’m wearing a size small and it’s true to size. It fits so well and is super comfy. I paired it with a white denim mini skirt for the pool.




Day 3: I changed into this for dinner on day 3. This was another great Walmart find that is literally $11 and so comfy and cute. It comes in a few colors and I’m wearing size small. I’m 5’6″ for height reference.




Day 4: This swimsuit is one of my favorites I’ve purchased this summer! The red and purple combo is striking, and the fit is so flattering and comfy. I’m wearing a size 4, and a size small in the shorts.




Day 4: We took family pictures on our last evening there, and I bought this gorgeous dress to wear for pictures and for a nice dinner. The dress is super low cut in the front so I pinned it up, and then pinned up under the sleeves for a little more coverage there.

Once I’m back at my sewing machine, I’m going to permanently sew up the neckline and sleeves, but pinning and tacking with the microstitch tool was perfect.

I’m wearing an XS in the dress.




Day 5: We traveled home on day 5 and I wore this gorgeous ribbed navy blue dress. It was comfy and flattering and so cute. I got stopped on the plane about the dress and she commented that it looked perfect for traveling…and it is!

I’m in an XS in the dress and it fits TTS.






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