Making History

About a month ago my class at The Bridge went to the Springville Art Museum to see their Spring Salon [if you haven’t been and you live in Utah, you’re missing out. It’s free and there is so much cool art!]

While we wandered through the galleries, we were assigned to pick a painting we liked and then write to that artist, telling them why we liked the painting, asking them questions about their art, etc.

I wrote to Chelsea James about her landscape painting that is up at the top, asking her who and what her inspiration was, why she painted this particular piece, if she was a full time artist, and how she motivates herself. To my surprise, I received a handwritten letter from her in the mail yesterday. I had included my email address in the letter, but she actually took the time to write out a page and a half letter to me!

People, this is history in the making. I took quite a few art history classes at BYU and this is what artists do. They find artists that inspire them and then develop relationships with them. They work off eachother. They communicate with eachother. They form artists bonds and groups with eachother. That is how the majority of art movements were born — artists working together and finding a new way to challenge the current art.

This letter is definitely going in my scrapbook [oh wait…I don’t have a scrapbook].

This letter is definitely going in my journal [nope…don’t really keep one of those either].

Good thing I’m posting here.



  1. That's soooo cool!!! I believe in relationships with people- there's nothing like getting a handwritten letter in the mail- and sadly that art form is dying out- glad to see it is still being utilized! I can't wait (for someday when you have time:) for a painting of my little mucnhkin- you are truly talented- and so is this artist you've found- way awesome! I give a thumbs up- lovin' it!

  2. ps- love your outfit today:)

  3. Bart says:

    The great thing about your chosen field is the same great thing I've noticed about Janssen's. Both of you are authentically into what you do. People who are drawn to the same things as you will naturally be drawn to you because of your passions and interest. I've been amazed at how easily Janssen has started to make contacts in the book world the more she has immersed herself in it.

  4. megan says:

    That is very cool. I really like the painting. It's been a long time since I have been to the Springville Art Museum. I'll have to go. Can't wait to see some of your pieces there.

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