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When I announced my pregnancy with San, I had so, so, SO many people tell me that the transition from two to three was the hardest. The transition from one to two was rough for me, so I was terrified. And then perfect little San Man came along and I discovered all that stressing was for nothing. BUT three kids means I’m completely out of hands, always. At any given time I can be seen juggling a carseat with a baby in it, a bag of library books, a water bottle, a grocery bag or two, my purse, and maybe even the dry cleaning. I even find myself carrying the twenty-five pound carseat by two fingers sometimes because I’m carrying so many things — and Fos has become a limp noodle and refuses to carry anything. Can anyone relate??
So instead of figuring out how to grow a few extra arms, I’ve opted instead for a backpack bag so I can free up up some limbs. I needed something that was big enough to carry all those little extra things that are impossible to juggle, but not so huge that it becomes a dumping ground for all the things. I also wanted something chic and simple, and maybe something that could also be worn as a regular shoulder bag? And a huge thing for me was the straps — I needed something comfortable. Most of the backpacks I’ve tried or owned over the years have thin straps that cut into my shoulders.
The gorgeous bags from Fawn Design have all of that and more, and I’m super impressed. The quality of the bag is so nice, and I love that the inside and outside are made from the same material. All of my diaper bags with fabric interiors get dirty and stained so easily, so this one is great because it’s easy to wipe clean both on the inside and outside.
This bag comes in three different colors, and although I picked black, I’m kind of obsessed with the gray. Hop over and see all their bags right here!
created in partnership with fawn designs  ||  photos by rad and happy


  1. Katie says:

    Oooh that’s super cute! I’m not in the market for a diaper bag, but these don’t even look like diaper bags. I love how they function as both a backpack and a purse. Great find!

  2. Susan Stange says:

    I have been eyeing this bag for a while, clearly, you understand why! It really is the most convenient thing to have a backpack rather than a big bulky bag!

  3. H79mm says:

    What’s the difference between this and the lilyjade?

    • Merrick says:

      Honestly both are so great. But if you’re looking to use the bag as a shoulder bag more often, I’d go with the Lilyjade. If you’re looking to use it as a backpack more often, I’d recommend the Fawn Designs. The wide straps are much more comfortable on the Fawn Designs, so they’re easy to wear for a long time. Hope that helps!

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