So it seems that the way to cure exhaustion is to do what I did last night: Go to sleep at 9:45 pm.

And I didn’t move ONE TIME until 6:20 am this morning.

I feel SO good.

Insomnia what?

So it seems that the way to cure exhaustion is to do what I did last night: Go to sleep at 9:45 pm.

And I didn’t move ONE TIME until 6:20 am this morning.

I feel SO good.



  1. Chelsea says:

    That’s funny! My husband wrote a similar post on his blog, but with a different outcome. He tried going to be early, but ended up staying up til 2 in the morning unable to fall asleep! Count yourself lucky! Your way works great for me too! I’ve done it many times!

  2. The Parkers says:

    Wow! That’s almost 9 hours. Pretty good. I love nights like that, too.

  3. Alice says:

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  5. Nico Rocky says:

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  6. James Ruiz says:

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  7. Simon says:

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  9. BenBenBenLove says:

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