Iiiiiiiit’s Giveaway Time! — CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed. Check my recent post for winner announcements and some great information about my holiday painting special!


I started this blog several years ago as a place to post my art. It was mostly so my mom could see what I was working on in my college art classes, but it’s morphed over the years into a place where I talk not only about my art, but also my family, good food, traveling, fashion, and anything else I feel like.

In addition to finding myself and my interests through this blog, I’ve also found many, many good friends in the blogging world. Probably only three people (my mom, my sister, and my husband) read this blog in the beginning, and now I have people from all over the place stopping by and sharing kind words. Seriously, this has been so fun.

So now it’s time to give back to all you nice people. Because I like you.

Today I am giving away TWO things, which means there will be TWO winners!

Giveaway Item #1: This painting!

“boat dock”

I did this painting earlier this year from a photo I took in San Diego during our summer 2010 trip. It is a 4″x6″ oil painting on masonite panel, and comes with a black floater frame (as pictured). This is one of my favorite paintings to date.

Giveaway Item #2: A custom 5″x7″ painting of your choice!

Choose your favorite photo of your baby, your parents, your pet, your car, or even a location and I will paint it for you (limit of 2 subjects). This one will not be framed, but it’s a standard size so a frame can easily be purchased. If you check out my art website, you can find my commissioned work under “gallery 4.” This will give you an idea of the past commissions I’ve done and hopefully give you some ideas of what you want painted if you are the winner!

This giveaway will be open until Tuesday, the 20th of September, at midnight (one week)!

To enter, leave a comment telling me which painting you want to win, and why.

Good luck!!



  1. Amy says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Probably the coolest one I've ever seen. I would absolutely take the custom painting because who, hello, I coveted so many of those pieces you did last Christmas and if I had the money I totally would have gotten one of my girls.

  2. Saskia says:

    yay for giveaways! I think I stumbled on to your blog via your sister's (I have no idea how I found hers) and it's become one of my favorites over the years.

    I'd like to enter the giveaway for the custom painting. I already have on Merrick White on my wall, it would be very cool to add another!

  3. Señora H-B says:

    I love "Boat Dock". I miss the ocean and the water.

  4. Janssen says:

    How nice is this? I like the landscape one because I already HAVE a deeeeeligtful portrait.

  5. RA says:

    Ooooooh, I'd love to get a little custom 5×7! I'm not sure what picture I'd choose, but let's face it — I will probably pick my dog.

  6. preethi says:

    Oh man, I would LOVE the custom one…because, as you know, I was already planning to get one. Although I have to say, the landscape is beautiful, as well!

  7. Tristen says:

    I love the picture of the water and boat dock. Beautiful! You have a wonderful talent, thanks for sharing!

  8. That is definitely an awesome giveaway. I completely agree with the people who said that if they had money they would've bought one last Christmas.

  9. YAY!!! I LOVE your art- the landscape is BEAUTIFUL love the boat dock!! I'd probably do the custom one because I have had a certain pic of Hailyn I have been meaning to get to you and it has been on the back burner- how sad is that? along with installing my new ice maker-maybe I'll get to tackle both this week:)

  10. Angela says:

    This is such a great giveaway. I would take the custom because I would love a portrait done of my daughter. You are so talented.

  11. Rachel says:

    What a neat giveaway! I want the custom painting, a portrait of my little girl.

  12. Lucy says:

    yay for a great giveaway! i love that boat dock– it's so pretty! however, to have a custom painting of my little newborn just seems priceless to me, so i would pick that. thank you!

  13. Kassie says:

    OHHHHHH woman… you are so good at painting!
    I would love, love, love a custom painting of my baby boy, or maybe my baby boy and his daddy, or maybe all three of us! I don't know! It'd be a hard choice! =)

  14. Sara says:

    I'd love the custom one for my girls!! I too wish I got one for Christmas last year.

  15. Chelsea says:

    Woah! This is fun. I think I would like the boat dock– I love the water and to have a little piece of that hanging up in a room would be perfect!

  16. Katie says:

    I would love the boat dock! It is so beautiful!

  17. I would love the San Diego painting. San Diego is a where my husband and I spent our honeymoon. We go back as often as possible and take our kids now. It would be amazing to have a painting of such a significant place to display in our home.

  18. I love it! I was actually going to try and buy one from you of maxson and matt, so I guess ill try my luck first and if I don't win we'll talk 🙂

  19. I would want to win the custom painting because we will have a baby soon and it totally deserves a beautiful portrait. Awesome giveaway!

  20. Hello happiness! Oh how I would LOVE a painting of Will and our little Jane when she comes! You're awesome! xoxo

  21. Brit says:

    Mer!! How fun and exciting is your blog! I would love the San Diego piece because it is gorgeous and we are such CA lovers in the Murdock house! Perfect for hanging in our future CA home!!

  22. Jessica says:

    You're artwork is beautiful! I would love to win the second one because a custom painting of my little girl for my parents for Christmas would be the winning present of the year! 🙂

  23. Yippeeeee! Custom painting for me! would love one of my girls!!!

  24. Amanda says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I would probably choose the custom portrait, but either would be great!

  25. Emily Kate says:

    I was just thinking yesterday how much I love our custom painting you did of Addie. Seriously, love it so much. I'd always be excited to add another to our (hopefully soon to be) collection! Merrick, you are so talented. I just love ya!

  26. What a fun giveaway! I stumbled on your blog…just blog hopping. 🙂 I would love to win the custom painting. LOVE!!

  27. nathalia says:

    Great giveaway and wonderful talent! I'd love a painting of our current home… okay, it's an apartment, but so far we have drawings/paintings of all the places we have lived, so I want to keep the collection growing! Thanks!

  28. Kayla says:

    Wow this is so generous Merrick!

  29. M+B says:

    I found your blog through Deborah! You are are so talented! I would want to win a custom photo of my dog! I have always wanted one and think it would be so beautiful!

  30. carmensaurus says:

    My mom is one of those people that it's impossible to get a present for ("I have everything I love and need!") but the custom portrait sounds like just the ticket. Your work is always so lovely!

  31. I'd have you paint a custom painting of my 2 adorable kids! You are very talented!

  32. Tracie says:

    How exciting! I would love to win a portrait for my mom of Scarlett and her together. She's been fighting cancer for a couple of years now and I think it would be a great reminder of how loved she is by our family and what an amazing grandma she is!

  33. Docface says:

    Merrick, I would love the San Diego painting because I was just there in May with my son and it was such an awesome trip. We were out in the bay on a boat ride with dolphins swimming along side of us. Then we went by docks full of sea lions and passed Navy Ships and the Seamen waved to us. My son was so thrilled with all of it. He said, "I feel sorry for everyone who couldn't be here." Your painting would be such an awesome reminder of that special trip.

  34. Lisa says:

    I'd pick the custom one, because my two younger kids haven't even had pictures taken yet! They need something.

  35. Oh pick me!! I'd love a painting of my two little chillins. It would definitely be a cherished piece to keep forever. There is something about the sweet innocence of a child. What better way to capture it than in a painting. What a nice thing to do. 😉

  36. Leanne says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I'd love a custom painting. Gorgeous!

  37. craftyashley says:

    Whoah, what?! Either of those things would be amazing, art lady!

  38. Wow! Merrick, you are so thoughtful to give away your talent and time. I wish I had an once of the artistic talent that you have. I was always impressed by what you would have out when we would come and visit you. You have a gift. And so I am going to say that I would LOVE a piece of your art work. A portrait of little Mason would be wonderful!

  39. KKortney44 says:

    You are so cute and wonderful. Of course I would like the custom one, because it would be so nice to have a painting of our little girl after she gets here in December!! =D

  40. Bec says:

    Your work is so beautiful, Merrick! And how lovely of you to share it. I'd adore a painting of my boys, but I'd also adore the beautiful boat dock you painted!

  41. Grace Marie says:

    wow. this is awesome. I think I would looooove the custom painting!!!

  42. Janelle says:

    I love the boat dock. Besides, I'd have a hard time picking which of my five kids to have a custom portrait of. 🙂

  43. S says:

    I would love the custom one. Other than our wedding photos, we have no pictures of us in the house!

  44. kaila sue says:

    Are you even kidding me!? This is so amazing of you! Hands down best. giveaway. ever! I have always wanted a custom Merrick hanging in my home!

  45. andrea. says:

    WOW. i had no idea that you were an artist too!! your work is incredible!

    i would be SO honored if i won! i would love for you to paint something amazing for me!

  46. Meg says:

    Your art is amazing. If I won, I would love to take the custom painting. I would probably have you paint a picture of my Dad who passed away five years ago and give it to my Mom as a gift for Christmas or her birthday. 🙂

  47. SERIOUSLY!!!??? This is the BEST giveaway in the universe!!! No contest. It would make my life complete if I won this. !!!!!!

  48. glanini says:

    I would love to win the custom portrait. I adored all your beautiful paintings last Christmas, and if my baby had been here I would definitely already have one hanging up! So, since my daughter isn7 months now I'm sure I could find thenperfect picture if I were to win!

  49. heidi says:

    i would LOVE your boat dock painting, what a unique and beautiful piece. my apartment is lacking in any kind of art on the walls and it would be so special to have something handmade. thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Elizabeth says:

    This is such an amazing giveaway! I would love a portrait painted of my kids, your paintings are incredible.

  51. carol says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I'd LOVE either, but of course a custom one would be extra special. I'd choose an ocean landscape…something calming and beautiful to look at.

  52. Okay BOTH would be amazing but I would have to go for the custom painting! I just can't get enough of my little guy! What an amazing giveaway girl! You are so talented!

  53. Merrick, I feel like I know a celebrity! Look at all these people wanting your amazing work! And why wouldn't they? I would LOVE to get a custom 5×7 of my boys after our little man comes! Crossing my fingers for this one!

  54. Jenn says:

    Painting 2 please…as a surprise for my mom at Christmas. This has been a tough year for her and a painting of my sister and I when we were little would make her so happy

  55. I'd love to win one of these giveaways! i'd love a custom painting of my husband and I. Thats just a timeless keepsake that I (and my future family) would cherish. There is a custom painting of my mother that i just love because its a different kind of snapshot, not quite a photo, because an artist sees into the person and portrays more than just appearance.

  56. Karri says:

    What a delicious giveaway!!! And what a tough decision. I love the #1 painting. Love San Diego…such a beautiful place. And its a gorgeous painting that would go in several different rooms in my house.
    But #2…we are renewing our vows in 3 weeks with the kids present, and I know we'll have some killer photos of the family. One that is bound to make a super cool painting in the LR or DR. Oh the choices.

  57. Just Jaime says:

    I'd like number two! I don't have anything like it in my house and I already have the perfect photo in mind.

  58. Shiloh says:

    I really love your artistic style. Don't know if you remember me from freshman year at BYU… I'm a little embarrased to say I know you through a certain Mr. Score. Sorry if I was ever unkind… I was grossly jealous. Anyway, my husband's (not Ricky) brother is an artist and we have been gifted a lot of his art over the years… but its a little to abstract for my taste… beautiful but abstract. I would love a custom painting to celebrate my Anniversary! Would you paint a temple? Nauvoo?

  59. Bart says:

    Boat Dock. Because it's a great painting.

  60. Lisa says:

    I have been reading your blog through Janssen's for some time now too. I would love a custom portrait of a picture I have my my two oldest embracing. Your art is GORGEOUS.

  61. Janet says:

    Oh my goodness, this is quite the giveaway. I'd LOVE a custom painting. I'm still considering commissioning one. I just happen to be the most indecisive person on Earth.

  62. The mom says:

    My baby niece has been in the NICU for a week now (She 12 days old!). Last couple of days have been an emotional roll coaster for my Sister in Law. She mentioned they have done so many procedures on the baby that she barely remembers how Luisa used to look when she was born… I have the pic she sent us when Luisa was born and, I would appreciate if you can keep this memory present for her (my SiL)… I know this, too, shall pass soon and Luisa will thrive but, it will mean a lot for her mama. Thanks a lot.

  63. Lanette says:

    Merrick, you are SO talented, I love both options! The boat dock is lovely, and makes me miss my hometown, and the custom one would be so fun to get a cute family portrait. And ps, I love your blog! It's so fun! I've been blogstalking you for a few months now, and it's so fun!

  64. ct says:

    You are a fantastic painter! I would love to get the custom painting. I have a baby boy and think it would be a great Christmas present to get a painting of him done for my husband.

  65. Molly says:

    I'd choose the custom painting because who WOULDN"T want a custom painting from Merrick??:)

  66. I would LOVE a custom painting of my sweet little boy. What a great giveaway!

  67. Yay, this is exciting! I'd love the custom painting because, Josh and I are finally getting our own place, and what a great way to break it in than with a painting of the two of us! I also think it would make our little apartment a bit more home-y. Well there is my reasoning. I hope it is a great one and that you are persuaded to pick me!!!! =)

  68. Lisa Baxter says:

    A custom painting would be my pick… oh heck, either would be wonderful! This is fantastic! I love looking through what you've done, I miss seeing your work!

  69. Lisa Baxter says:

    I would love a custom painting! Wow, I miss your wonderful work… you are talented!

  70. Philip keeps telling me how awesome your paintings are!! I love the boat dock…the water reminds me of home:)

  71. k so you are pretty much awesome! I would love the custom painting if i am lucky enough to win! I just had our second baby and i was thinking the other day about how fast they grow up. i would love to capture this special time in a painting!

  72. This is pretty freaking cool. So I kind of really want the custom painting. Basically I can say that some of your greatness is attributed to our truck talks and, I can say that me marrying the amazing woman I am in 3 weeks is partly due to what I took from our truck talks…so basically we can make the custom painting of a photo I have with a lake sunset backdrop from one of our first dates. Ps. I don't have a blog but my fiance luckily does!!!

    , Eric

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