How Your Jeans Should Fit (Tips + Tricks for Buying the Perfect Pair for YOU)

how to find the perfect pair of jeans for you

Let’s talk about jeans, and how they should fit. Not all jeans are created equally, and I want to help you find the perfect pair that fits you perfectly. Here are some tips and tricks for finding the perfect pair FOR YOU.


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Let’s find your perfect pair of jeans

I wear jeans at least 3-4 times per week. Sometimes more. I’ve tried on hundreds of pairs, and owned almost as many.

I recently got a reader question about the fit of jeans, and it made me realize that I constantly see women wearing the wrong size or style of jeans for their body. So let’s talk about it!

And remember, the perfect pair of jeans for me might not be the perfect pair for you, because we have different bodies. So it’s important to be patient and find the pair that’s right for you. And then buy three pairs in every color so you never run out 😉


Time to talk about jeans. Fit, size, length, material, and more.

I went through the most important things in jean fit, and gave some fit and shopping advice. If you have any other questions about something I didn’t cover, leave a comment!

how to find the perfect pair of jeans

Which rise of jeans do I choose?

  • This is totally personal preference, and definitely depends on your body type.
  • If you carry weight around your stomach, avoid low rise jeans because it creates a line on your body right below this wider area of your body.
  • If you have a flat booty, steer away from super high rise since it makes your buns look flatter.
  • Try different styles and rises to see what works best for your body.
how to find the perfect pair of jeans

Let’s talk about the waist of your jeans

  • The most common issue I see is gaping in the back. Your jeans waistband should touch your body all the way around, or else they’re too big, and you need to size down in the waist. If sizing down makes the rest of the jeans too small, choose a different brand.
  • If your jeans squeeze your waist and cause your stomach to squeeze out over the top, your jeans are too small. Size up.


correct length of jeans merricksart

What length should my jeans be?

  • Skinny and straight fit jeans: The most flattering spot for the hem is right above your ankle bone. You don’t want any excess fabric bunching around your ankles. If they’re too long, choose a brand that offers petite lengths.
  • Boot cut and flared jeans: These are most flattering with a heeled shoe (wedge, heeled boot, stilettos, etc). The hem of the jeans should hit about 1″ above the ground when you’re wearing your shoes.
  • Wide leg jeans: If you’re wearing long wide leg jeans, apply the same rules as the flared jeans. If you’re wearing cropped wide leg jeans, apply the same rules as skinny and straight jeans.

American Eagle has a bunch of different lengths of jeans, and their jeggings are some of my very favorite!


how the crotch of your jeans should fit

The crotch area (yep, gotta talk about it)

  • Your jeans crotch area should not point or bunch when you sit. If they do, the jeans are too big, or are not the right style for you.
  • If your jeans give you a wedgie in the front, or accentuate your front parts in any way, they are either too thin of a material (like jeggings), or too tight.


jean pockets placement

Pocket Placement:

  • The placement of your pockets determines how those buns look on your backside. Low pockets make your buns look saggy. High pockets make your buns look longer and often rounder. Pockets with a wider space between them make your entire backside look wider. Small pockets make your buns look bigger.
  • In my opinion, back pockets make or break a pair of jeans for me.
  • Everyone has a different shape, so try on a few brands until you find a pair with back pockets that flatter you.


Which jean fabric is best?

  • There are so many jeans, and so many different materials. Some true denim, some lightweight jeggings. I won’t say that one is better than the other, but some fabrics sag after an hour of wearing. Some fabric is too lightweight so it shows underwear lines and stuff. Some fabric is too stiff and restricts your movement.
  • I personally like a medium weight stretch denim. But that’s just my personal preference!
  • Just know that there are lots of options out there, and if you feel like all your jeans are sagging after a few hours of wear, or all of them are too thick, it’s time to try a new brand of jeans.


Which jeans are my favorites??

These are 8 of my favorite jeans I’ve purchased over the last few years and get the most use out of.

photos by Aubrey Stock
how to find the perfect pair of jeans for you


  1. April Bukahri says:

    Great tips! One thing I would add is not to be afraid of the Tailor. If you find jeans that fit almost perfectly ( except maybe a small waist gap) A trip to the tailor is the best $10 investment ever. They can totally change OK jeans into amazing jeans!

  2. Leah says:

    Wow! What a fantastic post! Thank yiu for sharing!! FORWARDING it to my daughter.

  3. JEn says:

    Hi! Thanks for posting about jeans. This totally helps. Quick question – when you say you cut them – Do yoU leave the hem raw? Is there a secret to CUTTING a Raw edge? Or maybe cutting holes In the knees….

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