After almost nine years of marriage, I think I’m finally honing in on what my husband actually wants for Father’s Day. Luckily I was off the hook for the first four years of marriage since we had no kids, but the few after that were a little pathetic. If only it wasn’t weird to just get him a bouquet of flowers and call it a day…right?

Here’s the deal. Your man wants to look good (even if he pretends he doesn’t care), and he deserves to look good. You’re the one who should help him look and feel his best. So rather than think of Father’s Day as a day where you feel pressured to give him a gift, look at it as an opportunity to give him something he wouldn’t normally get himself. It’s a perfect day to spoil him a little!

My husband is really into dress clothes, probably because he has to wear them every day for work, so it’s fun for me to buy him a designer tie, a pair of funky socks, cuff links, or a pocket square — something to accessorize his suit. But if your husband doesn’t wear a suit and tie every day like mine, try a few of the other ideas below that will make him feel and look better than ever.

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1. Dress Shirts. My husband can only wear business casual to work on Fridays, but that doesn’t stop me from buying him a new one every so often. I like to stick to blues and purples, since they’re the most traditional and professional in my opinion, but I choose ones with an interesting (albeit subtle) pattern, like this plaid David Donahue one from Nordstrom.

2. Sunglasses. This is a perfect gift for spoiling your husband a bit, especially if he normally buys the cheap-o ones. You wear sunglasses every day, so make sure he has a nice pair that won’t get scratched super easily or give him headaches. Just make sure you choose a shape you know he’ll look good in, like these wayfarer ray-bans that look good on everyone!

3. Bluetooth Speaker. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while because Philip and I love music and especially like to listen to it when we’re sitting outside on the patio at night. This Bose bluetooth speaker would be a way better option than the laptop perched on the couch situation we’re currently doing.

4. Cuff Links. These are like arm candy for men. I love how they look, and my husband is obsessed with them. I always like helping him grow his collection a bit, and these little silk polka dotted ones are so cute and come in a ton of colors.

5. Massage Oil. Just like I only wanted a nap for Mother’s Day, your husband is probably the same. Or at least he wants some relaxing time. So how about some massage oil with a certificate good for one foot or neck massage! And better yet, this oil is filled with relaxing botanical oils which he can also use on his face when he’s stressed.

6. Sneakers. During the summer time, it’s time to run and explore, especially with your kids. My husband lives in flip flops during most of the summer (when he’s not wearing his Allen Edmonds at work), but some summer family activities just require close toed shoes. Philip has this pair from Sperry and he loves how comfortable and easy they are. Plus, they’re not at all bulky so they look great with pants or shorts.

7. Cologne. All men could use more good smells in their lives, so cologne is always the perfect gift option. And if you pick it out, it gives you freedom to find a scent you absolutely love. I kind of love this V&R cologne that’s shaped like a grenade — so manly!

Click the images below to find more of my Father’s Day favorites!
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What are you getting your dad/husband for Father’s Day??
A huge thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post


  1. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I love that dress shirt and those sneakers! These are all such great picks!



  2. The Bose speaker is awesome – we use it all the time!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

  3. Thanks for these great suggestions! Even though we don’t have kids yet, I love using Father’s Day gift guides to do some early Christmas shopping 🙂

  4. Great compilation of suggestions! My husband got a bluetooth speaker for his birthday and it’s become an absolute favorite!

  5. Nadia Santos says:

    Great suggestions! I need to get on my shopping!

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  6. Rowena Hailey says:

    Great suggestion! My husband will be getting a bag with shirts ans shoes inside. I’m sure will become an absolute favorite!!

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