Heather Again

We’re heading out of town tomorrow, so it’s been a constant scramble to finish everything before we leave. I made a few embellished t-shirts in record time, so you definitely missed out if you didn’t order 🙂

Although this was a 4 week drawing, I had to quickly finish it last night (week 3) since I’ll be gallivanting around New York City next week, and won’t be in class. I think I’m getting better at working quickly, and getting a more accurate drawing in a shorter amount of time.

See you all in a week!

p.s. I went shopping for short sleeve t-shirts the other day, and they’re all gone! So I’ll now be selling long sleeved embellished t-shirts for $25 each. Email me if you’re interested…[email protected]



  1. Ralphie says:

    Hi Merrick!

    Thanks for the comment. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

    I too got confused with shutter speed and aperture and how they related to one another, and most importantly, how I could get them to work together to get me the picture that I wanted!

    My suggestion is to first think about what kind of picture you are trying to take. It is an action picture or a portrait? Basically, is your main concern SS or aperture. I am almost always worried about aperture. It's my priority. So I'll set it to what I want and then I start worrying about SS, and I'll give it a once over to make sure my number is high enough.

    So to experiment, flip your camera (if it can be flipped) to "aperture priority" mode. Set it and watch what that does to your SS.

    I hope that helps! Tutorials are coming!

  2. megan says:

    Love the shirts! Hope you have a fun trip. Heather is looking great!

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