5 Gratitude Apps Worth Checking Out

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, and I’m trying to focus on gratitude! I’ve been trying a lot of apps and these are my favorite Gratitude Apps I’ve found!

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Suede Jacket (wearing XS)
Black AE Jeans (soo stretchy and comfortable)
Black cashmere Sweater
Plaid Scarf (under $25!)
Black Ankle Boots


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gratitude apps worth trying
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gratitude apps that will help you be happier
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5 gratitude apps that you should check out

We’re halfway through November, and since Thanksgiving is right around the corner I wanted to share a few Gratitude Apps that I’ve been trying and loving!

  1. Happy Feed App. I think this was my favorite of all recommendations. It was a quick and easy sign in, and it gives you space to write three things each day. If you can’t think of anything, click “save” and it gives you some prompts! You can add photos, and you can also mark an especially good day with an emoji so you it’s easy to spot your great days in your feed.
  2. Grateful App. It’s very simple and clean, and requires no sign in. You can change the prompt from “What are you grateful for…” to “what made you smile today?” or a variety of others. You can also add photos and other notes, AND you have a feed where you can see all of them in a row. You can download it for iPhone right here. The only downside for me was that it only had space for one entry per day.
  3. My Wonderful Days App. This one is cute, with more of a journal feel. You can add longer entries, add photos, stickers, and use their little scale to rate your mood for the day. It felt a little overly complicated for me, when all I want is something really simple for writing down what I’m grateful for, but if you want more of a journal app this was a good one!
  4. Day One App. This is another app that’s more geared toward journaling. You can record audio (very cool!), add photos, add text, and even send it to be printed into a book for only $15!
  5. Happy Not Perfect App. This is much, much more than a gratitude app. It’s full of meditations, games, activities, challenges, and more. But you can go into the “Happier” section where they have a Grateful Diary with prompts for a daily gratitude practice. They have a whole website with additional products as well.

It’s been so great to add this gratitude practice into my life this month and I’m hoping that these apps will help me continue a daily gratitude practice beyond November!

Tell me if you’ve tried any of these and what you thought!



photos by Priscilla Frey

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  1. Amanda says:

    my husband and i are keeping a gratitude journal about each OTHER and will be our gifts to each other. After years of marriage its easy to focus on the negative. Thanks, this just might make it easier!

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