The Best Gifts for Friends


I love getting gifts for friends around the holidays, but it can feel daunting and expensive. Here are some great cost-friendly gifts to get for a few girlfriends! 

Gifts for friends can be hard to shop for. Depending on how many friends you’re buying for, this gift giving can be a really expensive endeavor. Here are some great gifts you can grab for a couple of girlfriends!

Gifts for Friends:

    • Perfume Sampler
      • For only $25, this is the perfect gift to give to a friend. They can try out different scents before they commit to buying a bigger bottle for themselves.
    • Sephora Gift Set  –  Laneige Mini SetCharlotte Tilbury Glow Set
      • These gift sets are great to give to a group of friends. I know I have a hard time spending money on makeup for myself, so this is a great option that any friend would love.
    • Sephora Gift Card
      • A gift card doesn’t even have to be a ton of money – gift them $15 dollars and they can pick something up from that ever-tempting mini section at the Sephora checkout!
    • Nice Cuticle Oil
      • A simple and practical gift!
    • Pair of everyday earrings
      • These earrings are so good – Madewell always has the best jewelry. Plus, you and all of your friends can match!
    • Bath Bombs
      • You could even buy a big bundle of these and split it up among your friends.
    • Geometry Tea Towels
      • Good kitchen towels are such a mom thing, but they are truly life-changing! Geometry has such great prints, your friends would smile anytime they walked into their kitchen.
    • Plan a girl’s night out
      • I loved this idea from one of my readers – send them all a cute invite for a fun girls night all planned out for after the madness of the Holidays settles down.
    • Stanley Cup
      • I may be one of the few influencers who hasn’t got this cup, but everyone who has one absolutely loves it. They are so sought after that it would be a great gift for a friend!
    • Clutch
      • Every mom needs a break from the typical big mom bag – and this clutch is just $20 and comes in a few colors and patterns.
    • Lounge Set
      • Grab some matching lounge sets for a future girls night!
    • Wooden Charcuterie Board
      • A nice charcuterie board serves a dual purpose – they can use it to entertain and it’s also a great decoration for the kitchen!
    • Wrist Attachment for Keys
      • This is one of those things that you don’t know how badly you need it until you actually have one. I have one and it’s such a game changer – plus it’s the right price point to give to a couple of friends.
    • Favorite cookbook  Half Baked Harvest  Magnolia Cookbook  Two Peas and Their Pod
      • I have been on a Half Baked Harvest kick lately, and am dying to buy her cookbook! I think this would be a great gift to give to friends.
    • Christmas Ornament from Etsy (initials, picture of your town, something personal)
      • A special ornament is something your friend will pull out year after year. It’s simple but special enough to make them smile!
    • Big/nice reusable grocery bags
      • These are my favorite reusable grocery bags. They’re a great thing to just keep in your car for grocery trips, visits to the library, etc.
    • Favorite + unique kitchen tool  meat chopper  beautiful wooden spoon kitchen set
      • If you have a kitchen tool that you’re obsessed with, gift it to your friends so they can experience the life-changing magic!
    • Allure Beauty Box
      • A fun box that allows your friend to try a bunch of different products.
    • DIY Advent Calendar
      • If you’re feeling crafty, make a custom advent calendar for your friends. It can be acts of service, little trinkets, religious quotes, or anything!
    • Matching PJ’s
      • Grab these for your next movie night or girl’s night in.
    • Favorite Book
      • I love reading and sharing book recommendations with others – I linked a few of my favorites above and any would make great gifts!
    • Flavored Olive Oil
      • This is such ha fun addition to anyone kitchen – you can make great salad dressings with it!
    • A Gift Wrapping Kit (give before holidays)
      • Ok, I love this idea so much! Grab some cute and nice wrapping paper and then grab a Costco pack of tape and scissors to split up among friends. Easy and not too expensive.
    • Ice Roller
      • These ice rollers are all the rage on Tik Tok – I can’t say I’ve tried it myself but have so many people who love them. They’re at the right price point where you could give to multiple friends.
    • Anything Rifle Paper Co
      • I love everything Rifle Paper Co – I guarantee your friends would too! A girlfriend would love anything from a notebook to a water bottle to a meal-planning pad!
    • Lip Mask
      • A great, simple but useful gift that will get your friends hooked!
    • Perk Energy + Frother
      • I have so many friends who love this stuff – it looks amazing. Would be so cute to give at the beginning of the season for a little energy boost through the Christmas busy season.
    • Plants
      • These plants come in a 6-pack s you can order 1 and split them among a group of friends.


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