10 Gift Bundles for Everyone On Your List

This year, I’m so excited to introduce Gift Bundles! I put together these bundles to give to everyone on your list, from your spouse to your kid’s teachers to your work team.


In addition to all of my gift guides (see them all HERE) I wanted to put together these gift bundles to be your 1-stop place for everyone on your list. From a teenage nephew to your kids’ teachers, here are some great ideas.


Gift Bundles

Bundle For Your Best Friend

Give your bestie a fun bundle of all of your favorite things!

Sexy Bundle for Your Spouse

Ok, what husband wouldn’t love getting this bundle? All of your holiday shopping can be done in 15 minutes.

Bundle for Your Parents or In-Laws

If your parents or in-laws love traveling, this is the gift for them. Functional and decorative gifts are always a hit.

Bundle for a Teenage Girl

This would be a perfect gift bundle for your own daughter, niece, granddaughter or any teenage girl in your life.

Bundle for a Teenage Boy

Why are men, especially teenagers, so hard to shop for? This is a great gift for any teenage boy on your list.

Bundle for Your Work Team

This is what I’m planning on giving my team this year – a bundle of the boss’s favorite things! You can make this as big or small as your want, but here’s what I’m doing.

gift bundle for teachers

Bundle for a Teacher

I know every teacher wants gift cards, and I fully support and always gift those. But, adding a few extra elements make it extra special and fun.

Bundle for An Entire Family

A lot of times you gift to an entire family – and this bundle has some great things.

Bundle for Harry-Potter Lover

This bundle would be so fun for a Harry Potter lover, either young or old!

Bundle for a Hostess

If you’re visiting family for the h0liday’s or are attending a big party, this would be a super fun bundle to give.



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  1. Annie says:

    can I ask what shirt size you are wearing in the Harry Potter bundle?

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