Four Pairs of Jeans You Should Have In Your Closet

Partnership with Nordstrom

Photography by Taylor Cole

Merrick's Art Articles of Society Dark Denim

When I did my reader survey at the beginning of the year, I asked you guys what you wanted to learn on Merrick’s Art. A lot of you asked for jean advice — AKA “Help me get out of my yoga pants!!” Those were the exact words of a few of you!

So today I’m teaming up with Nordstrom to show you four pairs of jeans that you should have in your closet. And over the next month I’ll be sharing a bunch of different ways to style each of these pairs.

In the mean time, get these four pairs in your closet!

Merrick's Art Articles of Society Jeans
Merrick's Art Articles of Society Dark Denim

Articles of Society Jeans, Mock Neck Top, Suede Jacket, Similar Blush Flats

1. Dark Wash Denim. These are the most versatile kind of jeans. They can be dressed down with a t-shirt and sandals, or dressed up with a blouse and heels. A pair with a mid-rise and an ankle length will stay classic for years and are very flattering to every body type. These ones from Articles of Society have built in stretch so they’re easy to move around in, and with the mid rise they hold everything in. Their sizing is different than some other brands so make sure you check the size guide before purchasing. I’d recommend sizing down at least one size from your regular number. You can also see me wearing them in yesterday’s post! Find more dark wash denim options here!

Merrick's Art White Denim

AG White Denim Leggings, Gray Sweater, Striped Tee, Blush Sneakers

2. White Denim. These are my most worn jeans during the summer time! The key is to find a pair that’s not see-through. AG is one of my favorite jean brands, and these ones are so fantastic, but they’re a higher price point (although I feel like this brand is absolutely worth the investment). But this pair from Articles of Society is very similar and under $65, and this pair from J.Crew is almost identical and just over $100. Find even more good options here!

Merrick's Art Black and Gray
Merrick's Art Black Ankle Boots

TopShop Black Jeans, Embroidered Bomber Jacket, Similar Black Ankle Boots, Gray Tee

3. Black Denim. I like black denim as an alternative to dark wash denim because it makes more of a bold, sleek, contrasting statement. This pair from Topshop is super stretchy so they’re incredibly comfortable and the higher waistband sucks everything in. This is a similar pair with some distressing on the knees and they get incredible reviews. Find more black denim options here!

Merrick's Art Boyfriend Jeans
Merrick's Art BlankNYC Boyfriend Jeans

BlankNYC Boyfriend JeansSuede Jacket, White TeeBlush Sneakers

4. Boyfriend/Distressed Denim. A pair of distressed jeans is a staple in my casual closet, and this BlankNYC pair is my very favorite. I wear them constantly and they walk the fine line of too-distressed perfectly. They’re so comfortable, although they don’t have a ton of stretch, and I would recommend sticking with your normal size — they loosen up a bit between wears and become more of a “boyfriend” fit. Also I have a patching tutorial here if you’re uncomfortable with the hole up on the thigh! There are tons more good boyfriend and distressed jeans on Nordstrom’s website — find them all right here!

[note: for older women who don’t feel comfortable in distressed denim, switch this pair out for a non-distressed lighter wash denim that’s more casual].

So do you have all four of these jeans? Leave a comment below and tell me if you do! And don’t forget to check back next week for the first post on how to style these jeans!

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  1. Natali says:

    Great picks and yes, I agree with all of them too, def. a must haves!

  2. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    This is an awesome post! I’ve actually been having the exact thoughts lately of “I can probably get rid of all of my pants as long as I have one of each of these”, so glad you’ve solidified that for me… now time to find my perfect pair in each category! You should do a shorts version of this for summer!


  3. I do have all these types of jeans! Although I struggle to see my white jeans as anything besides “dressy” and certainly haven’t worn them around my preschooler yet! It makes me too nervous! Looking forward to the styling tips!

  4. Alivea M. says:

    Cute! Love the white jeans. Do you have a post on / could you do a post on how to style those terrible unisex cotton t-shirts? Like the cheap ones you could get from doing a 5K or your child being in a club at school? Thanks!

  5. Hannah Cobabe says:

    I love your style and have most of those jeans. I do not have a white pair…I am worried they wouldn’t be flattering for me, a girl with thicker thighs! Do you have any advice? I tend to stick to dark colors on bottom.

  6. Lisa H says:

    I am 50 and love, love, love my jeans. I have the same BlankNYC pair you have and they are favorites! I have at 50-60 pairs of jeans (who needs this many?!) and am determined to pare them down this spring. That’s just craziness! LOL!

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