Yesterday we gave Peanut his first taste of real food. Well, rice cereal, if you consider that real food.

“We’re doing what?”

I told him he had to at least try it. He decided that he’d just close his eyes and try not to think about it.

At first he was a little unsure of the taste…

By the end he was slurping it down and would whine as soon as we stopped feeding him.

These baby firsts are so much fun…



  1. Landen says:

    Um… he is the cutest thing. Seriously!

  2. craftyashley says:

    Those are some great shots! And the cereal feeding thing is fun- for about two minutes. Then it's messy, time consuming, inconvenient, and you will be praying for them to start eating real food- like the kind you can order at a Red Robin. 🙂

  3. Janssen says:

    He is so so darling. Can't wait to see him soon!

  4. Packrat says:

    Great pictures. He didn't spit the cereal at you?

  5. Chelsea says:

    Such cute expressions! Count yourself lucky he liked it so much! I've heard of babies that absolutely hate it when they first try it.

  6. kaila sue says:

    I love those pictures! So great that he likes it!

  7. 8468 says:


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