Over the past few weeks, Peanut has become really interested in sitting up. Although he’s still a ways away from being able to do it on his own, he’s constantly lifting his head and straining his neck. We considered getting a high chair, but decided the Bumbo worked just fine for now. The only issue is that the Bumbo sits on the floor, and Peanut hates being on the floor when all the excitement so far above him.

Because of this, I’ve been struggling to get things done during the day; he just isn’t as happy laying on the floor by himself.

So finally this week we buckled down and got a high chair. Yesterday was the first day we used it, and after sitting happily for an hour in it, allowing me to get tons of painting done, I have to say…that high chair was worth every penny.

Life just got that much better.



  1. Packrat says:

    Thank goodness for high chairs and play pens! Glad you went ahead and got the high chair.

    Don't they make infant seats (like a lightweight car seat) anymore? I used to buckle in the baby and set it in the middle of the table. That way the baby could see what I was doing. (Some types tipped over easily, but the one I had was adjustable and very stable.)

  2. Such cute pictures! It's so nice when they are able to entertain themselves and still feel like you're right there with them. We got hunter a jumper at that age and he loved it…

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