Family Nike’s

Partnership with Rack Room Shoes

Photography by Taylor Cole

Merrick's Art Family NIke's


Me: Olive Jacket, Gray Sweater, White Tee, Leather Leggings, Nike Sneakers ℅ Rack Room Shoes
B: Leather Jacket (40% off!), White Polo, Jeans ℅ Cotton On, Nike Sneakers ℅ Rack Room Shoes
Fos: Good Vibes Tee, Jeans ℅ Cotton On, Nike Sneakers ℅ Rack Room Shoes
San: Happy Camper Tee, Similar Pants, Nike Sneakers ℅ Rack Room Shoes

As a mom of little boys, I don’t have a ton of opportunities to match my clothing with them. But I love the idea of mommy and me matching or coordinating (in fact, this makes me want to do it more!) so I take every chance I can get.

Merrick's Art Green and Neutrals
Merrick's Art Athleisure Momiform
Merrick's Art Olive Jacket

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the athleisure trend and that sneakers are part of my daily wardrobe. Most of the sneakers I’ve worn and own have been more fashion sneakers, rather than true athletic sneakers, but when I saw these black and white Nike sneakers from Rack Room Shoes AND saw that they came in kid, toddler, and baby size, I couldn’t resist. Matching sneakers for the whole family? I’m in. Happily they aren’t old enough to be embarrassed about it…they were so excited to all be matching and were so bummed when I told them Daddy didn’t have a pair.

Merrick's Art Walking Baby
Merrick's Art Leather Leggings
Merrick's Art Baby Nike's

For this athleisure look, I chose neutral layers — an olive jacket, a gray sweater, and a white tee — and then paired them with some faux leather leggings. I wore this to the amusement park last weekend while we had company in town, and it was super comfortable for walking around the park, but made me feel put together. Plus it’s easy to shed layers when the weather changes throughout the afternoon.

Merrick's Art Rack Room Shoes
Merrick's Art Family Style
Merrick's Art Athleisure Momiform

I’ve been shopping at Rack Room Shoes for a couple of years now and I love that they have a great selection of name brand shoes like Nike, Adidas, and Converse, but always at a great price point, and often have discounts or reward offers.

Check out all the awesome brands over at Rack Room Shoes right now and jump on the athleisure train….and maybe be matchy matchy with your babies too!

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