Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion
Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion
Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion
Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion
Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion
Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion
Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion
Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion
OUTFIT DETAILS: skirt refashioned by me (original dress here, similar skirts here, here, and here) | tshirt | flats (on sale!) | crossbody bag (on sale!) | necklace | watch (similar on sale for 35% off!)
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*photos by rad and happy
A few weeks ago I stopped in Old Navy during their 40% off sale and ran across this white strapless eyelet dress. It was on super sale, and the fabric was super sturdy and nice, so I had to snag it. And instantly I had plans to make it into a skirt. And as luck would have it, it was way easier to refashion that I even expected. This was a thirty minute quick fix.
Also, I know many of you guys like step by step photos of my tutorials more than my illustrations because they’re easier to follow, but 95% of my sewing is done at 2am so pictures aren’t doable. But since this was such a fast project, I was able to whip it up during quiet time and snap pictures as I went along. So hopefully it’s nice and clear!
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matching thread
*this tutorial will work on any dress with a fit and flare shape and either a side or back zipper!
Step 1. My dress was oversized, so I needed to take in the sides. If you do too, try it on and use tailors chalk to mark how much you need to cut off.

Step 2. Cut according to your marks, making sure to keep the flare shape as you cut. Your dress should now be open like in the photo below.

Step 3. With right sides together, match up your lining and fabric and pin them all together. Also make sure the waistband seams and the bottom of the hem are both matched up. Sew from the hem to about four inches above the waistline, then zigzag or serge the seam allowance.

Step 4. Since your zipper goes up higher than you want, you’ll need to make a custom zipper stop. Set your machine to a zigzag stitch with the stitch width as high as it will go and the length as low as it will go (mine was at 0.2). This will create a back and forth stitch that will create your custom zipper stop. Just go back and forth over and over in the same spot, creating a thick loop of stitching. Make sure you do it on both sides of the zipper teeth. Now you can cut you zipper about one centimeter above this custom stop.

I wanted my waistband about two inches tall, so I made my zipper stop 2″ up from the waistband seam.

Step 5. Cut off the top of your dress, leaving about four inches (if you want a two inch tall waistband). Zigzag or serge the raw edges of the cut you just made.
Step 6. Now fold the waistband in half, pinning it to the waistband seam allowance inside. Tuck in the ends of the waistband next to the zipper so the ends don’t hang out.
Sew the ends next to the zipper in place, and then sew around the entire waistband, securing it to the waistband’s seam allowance. Press it flat with your iron.
The inside of your skirt waistband should now look like this:
And the outside of your waistband should look like this! So easy, right?
Merrick's Art | Easy Strapless Dress to Skirt Refashion


  1. I used this same idea with a dress I didn’t like the length of last summer! Thanks for sharing. I really love the way it turned out.

  2. Natali says:

    This is such a great DIY once again! A skirt like this one is a must have in my closet every Summer. 🙂

  3. Liv says:

    Another great DIY. Can’t wait it try it out.


  4. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I love this skirt! The texture is so gorgeous!


  5. Van says:

    Adorable! Your flats are so cute.

  6. Blair Wyatt says:

    Genius! I would never think to do this! I’m 5’10” so I pass up a lot of cute dresses because most are too short, but this just opened up a whole new world for me! Thanks!

  7. April says:

    I have a strapless cocktail dress that I love, and wore it with a little sequined short sleeved cropped cardi, but I keep fantasizing of ways to make it not strapless and not need the cardi. Got any magic for that up your sleeve? That might be the tutorial that makes me pull out the sewing machine, bc I occasionally need to wear cocktail attire, and this is too pretty to give up.

  8. Carolanna Travis says:

    You are easily one of my favorite bloggers!! I love all your DIY’s, they are so straight forward and easy to follow!!
    -Carolanna, www,

  9. Devonda Holloway says:

    Brava! Oh how I adore white eyelet in the Spring/Summer!

  10. Love the eyelet fabric! Looks great!! Your DIY are great!!

  11. this looks so great as a skirt! I wouldn’t even be able to tell it was once a dress<3

  12. Rachel Dahl says:

    Love the crossbody! I’m probably going to purchase it at the Nordies’ sale. Are you wearing the blue or grey color?

  13. Mademoiselle Coconath says:

    I love the DIY! Great post!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  14. Emily Choulaghians says:

    Amazing skirt and I love your sunnies!


    Emily Jenny


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