As Holidays at Home week comes to a close, I’m super excited to show you a simple and fun pillow you can make for the holidays. It would be a great gift for someone you love, or you might just be selfish like me and want to keep it for yourself because it’s just too darn cute.

When I had the idea for this pillow, I immediately thought of my amazingly talented friend, Tara from Rad and Happy. She does beautiful calligraphy, and I knew she could come up with a great design for the front of the pillow. And of course she did — I’m completely obsessed with how it turned out.

She’s sharing the FREE printable of “Let It Snow” over on her blog today (which you can use for this project, or just print it out and frame it for winter…cause that would be so cute too), and I’m sharing the tutorial for the pillow below!

Click READ MORE to find the full tutorial!

– pillow form (mine was 16″x16″)
– 1/2 yard canvas or thick cotton (more if your pillow is larger)
– freezer paper (you can find it at your grocery store by the plastic wrap)
Step 1. Cut a piece of freezer paper to 8 1/2 x 11 so it fits through your printer. Print the Let it Snow FREE printable on the non-shiny side, as big as you’d like it.
Next, use your X-ACTO knife and carefully cut around all the letters. This is not difficult, but it does take some time and patience. It took me about 15 minutes to cut mine out. *Don’t forget to save the center of the l, e, s, and o!*
Cut your fabric front to size (use the measurements of your pillow form and add 1/2 an inch to each side. Example: if your form is 16″x16″, cut your fabric 17″x17″). Now use your iron and iron the freezer paper to the center of the pillow. Press until the freezer paper is sealed tightly to the fabric.
Step 2. Gather your materials for the stencil. Then carefully paint inside the stencil with the gold glitter paint. I found that swiping as I painted left more glitter on the fabric — dabbing pulled it right back off. So swipe; don’t dab your paint brush.
Step 3. While the gold glitter paint is still dry, shake the gold glitter over the top of the letters. Then shake off the excess glitter.
Step 4. When the paint and glitter are completely dry, remove the freezer paper stencil carefully.  Then paint all the letters with fabric mod podge to seal in the glitter. It’s better to dab than swipe with the mod podge!
Now that your pillow front is done, it’s time to make the rest of the pillow! This part is super easy.
Step 1. Cut your sheepskin rug to 17″x17″ (or to match the size of your pillow front).
Step 2. Serge all the way around the edges of the  pillow front and the sheepskin rug (alternatively, do a very close zigzag stitch).
Step 3. With right sides together, sew up the sides and top of the pillow. Turn the pillow case right side out, then insert your pillow form, and then sew up the bottom of the pillow.*
*There are a few options for sewing up the bottom of the pillow:
  1. hand stitch the bottom closed
  2. Tuck the raw edges inside about 1/4″, pin in place, and then sew across with a straight stitch.
  3. Pin the bottom of the pillow closed and sew across with a straight stitch.
I did option #3 because my pillow form was so puffy and made it difficult to easily access the bottom of the pillow. So I did was easiest for my pillow, but you can do whichever option you’d like!
And you’re done!
a huge thanks to Rad and Happy for collaborating on this post and for the beautiful photos. Don’t forget to check out her amazing etsy shop!


  1. Anna D Kart says:

    How pretty! No one would ever know you made it – such a terrific job

    Anna // Happy Medley

  2. Looks amazing!!! Such a cute addition to a couch for the holidays! xo


  3. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    This pillow is so pretty! I think I could even manage to make one!


  4. Michelle R says:

    This is beautiful! I love it.

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