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Gingham is my favorite summer print, and I’m so in love with the flutter sleeve trend, so I combined the two for this week’s DIY Friday project.

This is an easy little top you can whip up in an afternoon and is so perfect for summer!

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Materials needed:
1 yard gingham shirting fabric
matching thread
Step 1. Cut your pieces. Use this tutorial to learn how to make your own pattern pieces. You’ll need a SHIRT FRONT, SHIRT BACK, 2 NECKLINE LINING pieces, 1 NECKLINE PIECE (optional), and 2 SLEEVES. The measurements for my sleeve were 1 1/2 times my arm hole measurement, and 4 inches in width.
Step 2. Insert darts into your FRONT PIECE. Our intermediate sewing guide shows how to measure and insert darts! 
Step 3.  With right sides together, sew the FRONT and BACK SHIRT pieces together at the shoulder seams. 

Step 4. Take your SLEEVE pieces and hem them on one of the long sides. Now do a basting stitch across the top of the ruffle, leaving your strings long on either end.Step 5. Pull the strings of the basting stitch to gather your ruffle.

Step 6. Now it’s time to attach the sleeves. With right sides together, pin the ruffled sleeve to the arm hole. If the length of the ruffled sleeve is shorter than your armhole, stretch out some of the gathering until it’s the correct width to reach entirely across the arm hole. Now sew across the arm hole, attaching the sleeve to the bodice. Repeat for the second sleeve. 
Step 7. Once both sleeves are attached, sew the FRONT and BACK (right sides together) together from the end of the sleeve to the bottom of the shirt.
Step 8. Take your two NECKLINE LINING pieces and, with right sides together, sew them together at the ends. They should now form a circle. 
Step 9. Place the NECKLINE LINING on the dress with right sides together, matching up the side seams of the LINING with the shoulder seams of the shirt. Then slightly stretch the LINING and pin it in place evenly along the dress neckline. Sew around the entire neckline with a straight stitch. Then trim the seam allowance and tuck the LINING inside the shirt and iron in place. 
Step 10. Take your NECKLINE PIECE and serge or zigzag all the edges so they don’t fray. Now fold all the sides in about 1/4″, pressing in place with an iron. 
Step 11. Now take the NECKLINE PIECE and pin in place at the neckline. Sew completely around it with a straight stitch. 
Step 12. Sew with a straight wide stitch around the entire neckline, skipping the top of the NECKLINE PIECE securing the lining in place. Then hem the bottom of the shirt, and you’re done!
Happy sewing!!
photos by rad and happy


  1. Benedetta says:

    I just love it!!!!Great!
    Be Happy with Fashion

  2. Tiffany MacLean says:

    Hi Merrick! Just wondering if you would consider doing a post on stylish, yet functional high chairs?

  3. This is a cute summer top. I too love gingham. I have saved this to my Gingham board:

  4. Aleda says:

    i keep coming back to this post. i have a sewing machine that’s collecting dust. sell me this top 🙂

  5. Alisha K says:

    Where did you buy this gingham fabric? I really like it and the top you made! 🙂

  6. Nancy Nickel-Weglowski says:

    where is the pattern to copy

  7. Ivlia Blackburn says:

    Like the end result, should make a nice top for a dress, think I’ll try this for my next dress.

  8. GabI says:

    Hi, Beautiful top and clear tutorial! Just wondering whether the neckline was wide enoUgh for Your head to fit thRough or did You make a small slit opEning at the back to fit thRough it? Thanks!

  9. Jayne says:

    tHANKS. X

  10. Jen says:


  11. Maria says:

    i love this top but i am wondering how you can put it on – does the gingham material have a stretch to it so that you can put the top on over your head?

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