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DIY Cardigan Merricks Art

Merrick's Art Lily Jade Diaper Bag

Merricks Art DIY Boyfriend Cardigan

Merrick's Art Gray Cardigan

Merrick's Art DIY Grey Cardigan

We’re finally heading into sweater weather here in California and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m always on the hunt for a good cardigan sweater, and just the other day decided to try my hand at making one. It turns out it was really easy!

I ran across some ribbed knit fabric at Jo-Ann’s and it was the perfect thing to make a comfy slouchy cardigan for fall. Paired with ankle boots, a scarf, and my favorite leather Lily Jade diaper bag, it’s a perfect comfortable fall outfit!

CARDIGAN (made by me, tutorial below — similar here, here, and here)  ||  WHITE TEE c/o SLOANE + TATE  ||  SCARF  ||  JEANS  ||  ANKLE BOOTS  ||  BAG c/o LILY JADE

Materials Needed:

1 1/2 – 2 yards knit (mine was purchased at Jo-Ann’s)
Matching thread

DIY Cardigan Sweater

First cut your pieces. You’ll need a CARDIGAN FRONT and BACK (cut on the fold), 2 SLEEVES (cut on the fold), 2 long EDGING strips (mine were about 4″ wide and as long as the lapels on the cardigan FRONT), and 1 NECKLINE EDGING strip (also 4″ wide and long enough to reach around the neck).

Step 1. Take your front cardigan piece and cut it in half (only necessary if you cut it along the folded edge). I When I cut mine in half the neckline made points at the collar, so I straightened those out to make a nice smooth front.

Step 2. Take your cardigan FRONT and BACK and pin them at the shoulders with right sides of the fabric together. Sew them together with a straight stitch.

Step 3. Now open your cardigan and lay it flat on the floor. Match up the sleeve to the arm hole with right sides together and pin in place. Then sew with a straight stitch. Repeat for the other sleeve.

Step 4. Once both sleeves are attached, lay the cardigan flat on the floor with right sides together, matching up the sides and the armpit seam. Pin in place and sew with a straight stitch to sew up the sides and the sleeves. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5. Take your short edging piece and one long edging piece and sew them together with a straight stitch. Then sew the other long edging piece to the other end of the short edging piece.

Step 6. Now you should have one long strip. Fold it in half with wrong sides of the fabric together.

Step 7. Pin the long edging piece to the lapels and around the neckline of the cardigan, with all the raw edges matching up (the folded edge of the edging should be facing away from the opening of the cardigan). Sew all the way around the cardigan opening.

Step 8.  Now hem the sleeves and bottom of the cardigan to your desired length, making sure to do a double stitch (with a double needle) so your stitch has a little extra stretch.

And you’re done!

Merrick's Art DIY Slouchy Shoulder Cardigan


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  1. Carmen says:

    I’ve already sewed 6 sweater for me and 1 cardigan. And of course I still don’t get enough of them, I need them in more colors! I live in Italy close to the mountains (Turin) and we have a real cold season so sweaters and cardigans are a necessity!
    Ciao from Italy!

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