Covered Up

Now that Buck is one month old (how did that go so fast?!), it’s been fun to go back and compare Peanut and Buck’s first months and see the difference so far in their personalities and dispositions. 
Although so far Buck has been a better sleeper, and much less puke-y (Peanut had acid reflux), the biggest difference for me has been nursing. Peanut had a hard time latching from day one, and since he was a slow nurser, it always took about an hour from start to finish. All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience, but wasn’t an incredibly pleasant one. So after four or five months I ended up pumping and feeding him with a bottle almost exclusively until he was a year. 
But Buck? He’s a perfect latcher, and a very quick eater, not to mention super snuggly, so nursing him is a total dream. 
And what makes nursing even more enjoyable? A pretty nursing cover.
Although I don’t use a cover at home very often, it’s been so nice having one during this move as we’ve had movers, been eating out, and having family around. 
This one from Pretty Well Covered is perfect because it’s lightweight, takes up almost no room in my purse, and, of course, is pretty. Oh, and I’ve done a couple of tests and it appears that unless you’re sitting an inch away, you really can’t see through the sheer fabric because of the stripes. Because Buck is such a good nurser, I plan to use this a lot over the next year since I’m suddenly not stressed about nursing in public. Hallelujah.
You can see all of Pretty Well Covered’s nursing covers here, and get free shipping with code MERRICKSART.


  1. I'm curious as to which size you ended up with. I'd REALLY like to have a positive breastfeeding experience before I'm finished having babies and a cover up like this may be the key.

  2. Cate O says:

    My first was a very slow nurser too. I can only hope that when #2 arrives s/he is better. What more could you ask for – a good sleeper and a good eater? That's great. By the way, you look amazing. I can't believe you just had a baby.

  3. Such a cute cover! It's practically an accessory. Thanks for sharing. I hope to be lucky enough to breastfeed when our little bundle is born and this would be ideal!

  4. newpetite says:

    That is such a pretty nursing cover! I was not really comfy feeding my baby in public and so it was either the car or the mall mommy room 🙂

  5. Bec says:

    Gorgeous, Merrick!

  6. Kristina says:

    That is so cute and such a good idea!


    Kristina does the Internets

  7. I have to say, I gave up on nursing covers pretty quickly.

    For a while, I carried a pashmina to use as a nursing cover. But by the time my son was one month old, he wanted to be able to look around while he was nursing. I decided I was okay with that, especially living in a cosmopolitan area where public nursing is more acceptable.

    In the end, nursing is a beautiful and perfectly normal part of motherhood. I respect a woman's choice to use a nursing wrap, but I personally found that I didn't feel immodest for nursing in public.

    • Family Oils says:

      I'm totally with you there. With my first, I did try a cover that someone gave me, but quickly ditched it. I found that more people would look at me and know what I was doing with the cover. No one even notices when I nurse since I ditched the cover. I have never felt like it is something to hide. I also do extended nursing and there is no way that my toddlers would be okay with a cover.

    • Family Oils says:

      sorry, didn't mean to delete my original reply.

  8. That's a very pretty cover. Is the sheer-ness so that you can can see each other? That's such a good idea! Love your blog, btw!

    • Yeah, the sheerness is so you can see the baby (and they can see you too, I guess). But because the fabric is patterned, people can't see through it, so you still have some privacy.

      And thank you! You're so nice!

  9. Carey says:

    Good to hear baby #2 can be faster – I had a SLOW feeder with #1 and a meh overall experience because of it. And that cover is a great idea! See through and cute – not like a weird, awkward apron (which is what I had for #1). Might need to get one of those…. 🙂

  10. Family Oils says:

    I think this would be cute to wear any ole time.

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