He got a half day at work, so he met me at the school this afternoon and while I' />

Birthday Time!

Today is Philip’s 25th birthday!

He got a half day at work, so he met me at the school this afternoon and while I went to my weight training class, he played basketball with some guys. After that we came home and opened presents!

Present opening wore him out a little…

Delicious birthday dinner…Chicken Cacciatore!

All the birthday presents

Birthday Apple Crisp! We have no matches, so he just had to pretend to blow out the candles.



  1. ashley says:

    Happy Birthday to Philip! (one L right? I cant remember) I dont think that I realized that Philip is the same age as Dave and I…hmm, well I guess that makes him super cool now. So, I have decided that someone in your family needs to pop out (wish it was that easy) a baby already… I am getting antsy. But I suppose you should finish school first, something I did not do. Oops. Anyways. yup.

  2. Landen says:

    Looks like Philip had a terrific birthday! Wish we could have been there to help celebrate. But looks like you did just fine!! 25 — wow. I remember being 25.

  3. Landen says:

    That last post was Mom. Didn’t realize I was on Landen’s page. hmm.

  4. Happy Birthday Philip! Looks like your wife is pretty amazing! Good job Merrick!

  5. I love your website Merrick! You are so talented. I have been thinking so much about London lately–crazy that it was two years ago! I love you London girls and am so happy that we can stay in contact. I look forward to more posts!

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