During Thursday class last week, I did this drawing:

Although I don’t think it is my best piece to date, apparently my work has been successful enough that Justin think it’s time for me to start painting in class. That means….PAINTING PROGRAM!

When I started at The Bridge, my goal was to be in the painting program within a year. I’ve been there for eight months so far, so I’m pretty proud of myself!

Don’t expect many good paintings on here over the next few months, but expect a very happy painter!



  1. trent says:

    Hey Merrick! Long time no talk. I dont know if you read my blog ever, but if you do have me in your "blogroll" the URL should be changed to

    🙂 You rock Merrick, hope you're doing swell!

  2. Camille says:

    Way to go! You are so talented Merrick 🙂

  3. Merrick–I totally know what you mean about not getting hooked. I watched an episode 1 time and was totally disgusted, but my sister kept talking about it so last night I gave it another shot and I actually laughed out loud a couple times and now I'm kind of obsessed. And congratulations on the painting program! I can't believe he wasn't having you do that sooner!!!!

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