Right before we left for San Francisco, we put up our Christmas decorations. The only thing we didn’t decorate was the table, and when we came home it looked so bare and sad compared to the rest of our festive house, so this week we took care of that and dressed it up with the help of World Market.

I love having a pretty tablescape, but also want to make sure I don’t put anything on there that is super breakable or that my boys would want to play with. So this year we went with a woodsy theme some pretty fresh greens from Trader Joes, handmade paper stars, and then some gorgeous table settings from World Market. It’s festive and chic, but also super kid friendly (as long as your kids are okay using glass dishes).

The best part is that besides the time it took to make the paper stars (they’re not hard, just a little time consuming), this all came together in a few minutes. Now I’m just hoping I remember to spray my greens every few days so they don’t die on me…wish  me luck, because I am the worst with plants!

created in partnership with world market

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  1. Nikki says:

    This is such a pretty table! I especially love those cups! World market is such a fun place to just wander around. I got a couple of really cute Christmas throw pillows there this year. Loving all the holiday posts!

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