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Such a cool lobby!

Last weekend we got out of town for a little celebration for my 29th birthday. Palm Springs is one of our favorite places to vacation since it’s only about 2 hours away from us and filled with lots of fun things to do.

We’ve tried a bunch of different hotels down there, but we had heard amazing things about the Desert Springs JW Marriott for a long time and wanted to check it out.

With a lake full of flamingos greeting us at the entrance, a huge and gorgeous lobby with a boat dock inside and boats waiting to sail us to dinner or just on a cruise at sunset, four beautiful pools, and so much more, we were definitely not disappointed.

There was a bad heat wave the weekend we went, so the temperatures were upward of 117 degrees during the day. Philip had planned to go golfing with B early one morning on their beautiful golf course, but it was just too hot. So we stuck to the pool and the overly air-conditioned room and we were much happier.

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My sweet B, always reading!
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the smoothies by the pool were AMAZING. Maybe because it was 115 degrees outside, but probably because they were just really good.
We ate at Mikado the first night and it was so good. The boys loved all the fun tricks our server did, and both boys even caught a piece of shrimp in their mouths when he threw it at them!
They have a free mini golf course that is an exact mini replica of their regular golf course. It was burning hot so we didn’t last super long, but we played long enough to get about 15 water hazards, ha!
 we went on the boat tour so many times. It was just so gorgeous!
this baby float was our saving grace. It kept the sun off of San completely so he stayed pretty cool and didn’t get burned at all. We found ours right here.
San is not a very cuddly baby, but he fell asleep on us so many times during this trip! That heat definitely wore him out…and we weren’t complaining about the extra snuggles.
We stopped by a chocolate shop on the hotel property and bought a chocolate and caramel covered marshmallow. Holy cow, it was so good.
I was dying over how cute he was in this baby life vest!

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Nothing better than this — 3 little monkeys in my bed!
And here’s our video of our time there! You can see more of our travel videos over on my youtube channel here.

My hat is from here, and my pom pom sandals are available right here.

Thank you to the Desert Springs JW Marriott for hosting our stay! 


  1. Meghan Flinn says:

    Love the video! What song is this… It’s so cute!

  2. Natali says:

    Awww, too adorable! You had the best of times in Palm Springs! 🙂


  3. The picture of you by the pool with the hat and drink is so glam!

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