A Weekend Getaway + A Road Trip Sanity Saver

Partnership with Amazon Fire

Photography by Rad and Happy

Riverside Festival of Lights

Over the weekend, we took a quick road trip down to Riverside to see the Festival of Lights and stay at the historic Mission Inn Hotel. We love having so many fun places within driving distance and over the past four years of living here, we’ve tried to take full advantage of these destinations with little weekend getaways!

The only tough part about Southern California is the traffic, so even though we’re less than forty miles away, it took us almost two hours to get down there on a Friday afternoon. We got a Amazon Fire Kids Edition a month or so ago and since getting it, my boys have been obsessed, so we brought it along to make the little road trip a bit smoother.


Merrick's Art Amazon Fire Tablet
Merrick's Art Amazon Fire Tablet
Merrick's Art Amazon Fire Tablet

The Fire Kids has the best built in parental controls where you can set educational goals for your kids before they’re able to access videos and games. You create separate profiles for each child, and then can set time limits, goals, and even bedtime and wake up time limits. This is the best feature for me, because when they have media time, that’s usually my time to get things done at home or just sit in the car and talk to my husband while we drive, and time always slips away.

So instead of two hours suddenly passing without me realizing it, the Fire Kids lets them know that their thirty minutes (or whatever we’ve set) is up, and they’re ok with it. Otherwise my boys would do media time all the day long if no one ever stopped them…I’m sure you mamas can relate 😉

Merrick's Art Mission Inn Hotel
Merrick's Art Mission Inn Hotel
Merrick's Art Family Riverside

My other favorite feature is that since the Fire Kids is targeted toward kids, it only lets them access videos that are age appropriate. YouTube is such a slippery slope with recommended videos or banner ads that aren’t always appropriate for their age.

It comes with a kid-proof case, a 2-year warranty, and a year of Amazon Free Time Unlimited that includes a ton of age appropriate videos and games.

When it comes to media time, I’m always concerned about what they could stumble upon and always feel hesitant about them playing on my phone or my laptop, but with the Fire, it’s been completely stress free for me. If you’re still looking for the perfect big present for your kids for Christmas, this is it. They’ll love it, but you’ll love it even more. Check them out right here!


  1. E.S. Bunton says:

    Do you need WiFi for this to work in the car? Like the videos…are they preloaded? Thanks and LOVE your blog!

    • merrickwhite says:

      Hi! You can download games and books so they can work without wifi, but videos are only available with wifi. Hope that helps!

      Thanks for reading!

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