At the end of January, when I was in Salt Lake City for Alt Summit, Leanne, Abby, Janssen and I had a fun opportunity to spend one morning with Sephora at City Creek. We spent a couple of hours there learning makeup techniques, color matching, and other little beauty tips, and made a fun little video with Rosemary Card (who specializes in wedding, homecoming, and promotional videos) to share what we learned with all of you! 
I’ve played around with makeup and tried new things pretty much since the moment my mom let me wear makeup when I was 14, so I felt pretty confident in my makeup abilities. But one thing I always stay away from is lipstick. I’ve worn my fair share of it here on the blog, but every time I do I feel like it looks out of place. I wanted to learn how to choose colors that looked natural, but were still bright and colorful. This is where Sephora came in. We tried out all kinds of colors, and the colors that looked the most natural were ones that matched the temperature of my skin.  Warm colors on warm skin tones, cool colors on cool skin tones. Since I have a warmer skin tone, orangey reds, and orangey pinks are the best on me (rather than purpley reds, or purpley pinks). 
We had such a blast playing with makeup and learning a few new beauty tricks — it even helped me perfect my five minute face routine, which I’ll be sharing with you next week. 
A huge thanks to Sephora for a fun morning, and Rosemary Card for the video!
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  1. Looks like so much fun!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. spiffykerms says:

    The video was awesome!

  3. Marjorie G says:

    Cosmetics are a the big girl's toys! It's always fun to play with them and it sure looked like you guys were having a blast in the video.

  4. Amy Herak says:

    Oh so much fun! I can't wait to have the opportunity to stock up my makeup collection now x (Love that orange-y lippie)

  5. Cute!

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