5 Things Related to Love that I’m Loving Right Now

five random things I'm loving right now

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to share five love related things I’m loving right now. An amazing article about self love, a cute idea for your kids for Valentine’s Day, something I did for a little self love the other day, and more. 


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In honor of Valentine’s Day today, I thought I’d share five things I’m loving right now. In no particular order.

Loving this color combination for valentine's day
red heart sweater

1. This article about self love is maybe the best thing on the internet.

My sister shared THIS ARTICLE with me last year when I was sharing some stuff on the blog about self love. The article, published on Thought Catalog, shares what self love REALLY means. It’s not bubble baths and buying yourself sweets — self love is taking a good look at your life and then taking action to build the life you really want, even if it means doing hard stuff that’s not glamorous.

This is my favorite quote from the article:

“True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.”

you can read the whole article here!


2. If you need some last minute family valentine’s ideas, these ones are great!

We just moved this week, so I’m not exactly prepared for Valentine’s Day today. But yesterday I listened to THIS PODCAST EPISODE about easy Valentines traditions for your family and it had some really good ideas!

I particularly liked the idea of heart attacking your kids and husbands bed with hearts covered in reasons you love them.

I’m going to do that while they’re at school and work tomorrow and I’m excited for them to come home and see!

Listen to the entire episode HERE!


3. A yummy Valentine’s Day treat I’ve been eating non-stop

On a whim, I bought these sour gummy lips for our family for Valentine’s Day. I planned to give each person a bag of them at their place at Valentine’s Day dinner, but when they arrived a couple of days ago I decided to give Philip a sample, and suddenly between the two of us we’ve eaten almost the entire bag. Whoops.

Yes, it may seem a bit pricey for a 1 lb. bag, but there’s a high end candy store that sells an almost identical candy for twice this cost, so I was super excited to see a large bag for a lower price!

you can shop these candies RIGHT HERE


4. I ditched everyone during the move and went and got a manicure

Two weeks before we moved I painted my nails black. Right before the move, they were chipping and I meant to take off the remaining polish and repaint them but never did and then all of our stuff got packed so then I couldn’t re-paint them.

For three or four days they drove me insane until I finally told Philip I was ditching everyone for an hour in the morning and getting a manicure.

never, ever go to the nail salon anymore. Like maybe every other year. So it felt like a really special treat, and was some much needed alone time.

It was a small thing, but every time I look down at my beautiful nails, I’m so glad I took a little time to take care of myself during a hectic period of our lives.



5. This podcast episode about love languages is wonderful and helpful

I read the Five Love Languages book the summer before I got married, and if you haven’t read it I definitely recommend it — married or not.

But THIS PODCAST EPISODE about the five love languages, and what to do when you and your spouse don’t speak the same one, was enlightening and helpful.

Philip and I have different love languages, so Rachel’s advice on how to navigate those differences hit home to me. Just in time for Valentine’s Day to make sure my guy feels loved!

You can listen to the entire podcast episode right here



photos by Priscilla Frey

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